What is this green dot trying to tell me?

by Volker Weber


OK, I give up. Somebody please explain to me what this green dot in Mail.app tells me about the message. Actually the first message in this list from Stefan also had one. Then it went away. It came back. Then I selected the line for a while and it went away. There does not seem to be an explanation for this column. Does anybody have a clue?


I believe it's a notification letting you know that that person is available via iChat.

Here is some more info...


It looks like it integrates with AIM so you can see if your AIM buddies are online also...

Declan Lynch, 2003-03-03 22:37

Bingo !

Thanks. You are right. :-)

Volker Weber, 2003-03-03 22:40

vielleicht ist es aber auch eine Art Indikator, wie weit die grünen Männchen noch weg sind. Je öfter der Punkt leuchtet, um so näher sind sie. Fragt sich nur, wie man die Entfernung berechnet.......

Martin Pilo, 2003-03-06 00:25

Thank you!
I found your site through Mother Google. Your site was the only one listed, but this answered my question about that "green dot in mail."
Best regards,

Randall West, 2005-06-09 18:15

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