Welcome Esther !

by Volker Weber

A small step for mankind but a giant leap for vowe.net: I have enrolled Esther Schindler as a new contributor to vowe.net. Esther is one of my favorite fellow journalists and a good friend, I might add. Esther lives in Phoenix, a very nice place I have not yet had the pleasure to see.

One piece of advice: Never get into a fight with Esther. Many people in the OS/2 community have tried that. Nobody ever won. :-)


Hmm...a name I seem to recall from my own OS/2 days - If I recally correctly she was a fearce OS/2 advocate!?

Colin Williams, 2003-03-16 01:27

In a way one could say that. But I never saw it that way. To me Esther was only fighting the FUD from the Windows camp as well as the allegations from the OS/2 camp that she had been "bought" by the evil Ziff empire. By watching her I learned that it is far better to just dodge those blows instead of lashing back. You may "win" some arguments but then you are remembered as an advocate.

Whenever I mention Lotus in any of my heise online articles, a bunch of blockheads will start to dismiss Notes. even if Notes was never mentioned. I simply ignore them.

Volker Weber, 2003-03-16 08:37

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