New IBM Redbooks

by Volker Weber

A Portal Composite Pattern Using WebSphere V4.1

The Patterns for e-business are a group of proven, reusable assets that can speed the process of developing applications. The Portal composite pattern combines Business and Integration patterns to help implement a portal solution. This IBM Redbook provides a technical scenario and guidelines for the Portal composite pattern. It shows how the Composite pattern works and documents the tasks required to build a technical scenario of it.

Part 1 of the redbook guides you through the process of choosing the Business and Integration patterns of the Composite pattern and then drill down to the Application and Runtime pattern and Product mapping to deliver the desired functionality of the Portal composite pattern. Part 2 provides a set of guidelines for building your portal application and includes a discussion of application design, application development and systems management. Part 3 demonstrates how to implement a portal solution via a technical scenario. This technical scenario uses the WebSphere Portal Extend offering.

IBM WebSphere Application Server - Express V5.0 Handbook

This IBM Redbook introduces IBM WebSphere Application Server - Express V5 , an IBM offering that provides a comprehensive development tool and a single-server application server environment designed for small and medium business customers who want to have a Web presence for their businesses.

This publication addresses these customers by showing how to use WebSphere Application Server - Express to build and deploy Web applications. It will help you install the product, build a simple Web application, and deploy that application to the server. This publication is applicable to the Linux and Windows platforms.

WebSphere Version 5 Web Services Handbook

This IBM Redbook describes the new concept of Web services from various perspectives. It presents the major building blocks Web services rely on. Here, well-defined standards and new concepts are presented and discussed.

Whereas these concepts are described vendor-independent, the book also presents IBM's view and illustrates with suitable demonstration applications how Web services can be implemented using IBM's product portfolio, especially WebSphere Application Server Version 5 and WebSphere Studio Application Developer Version 5.

Linux Application Development Using WebSphere Studio 5

Linux is the fastest-growing server operating system in the world because of its powerful functionality, rock-solid stability, and open source foundations. Applications developed on Linux are reliable, portable, and cost efficient. This IBM Redbook helps you get familiar with IBM middleware and tools for Linux, and develop your new Web application on Linux. This redbook is aimed to show IBM's ability to provide an advanced platform for WebSphere Application Development using Linux as the operating system.

The approach we have taken is to build an ITSO Banking example that has a backend database and a frontend e-business banking application. The Linux distribution that we use is Red Hat Linux, Version 7.3. This book also shows you how to install the software to set up your development environment.


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