A few things I learned at the NGMN Conference

by Volker Weber

I am currently attending the NGMN Industry Conference. These guys are talking about networks beyond 3G, to be delivered from 2010 onwards. It's a senior management type of event. There are lots of engineers there, and everybody knows more than I do. There is so much to learn in just two days.

Most interesting however is the stuff you get to learn while talking over coffee or beer. Here are a few:

One more interesting tidbit: BlackBerrys are designed to fall apart when you drop them. The goal is to eject the battery on impact. Just put them back together.

And the biggest one: Android attracts all the developers. If somebody makes at least one decent Android phone, the world is going to change again. Because you can build cool stuff for an Android phone, that Apple simply won't let you build on iPhone.


Good stuff Volker.

I have to wonder on that Blackberry design deal it sounds like they're using the racing car design mentality. Have the battery eject to lessen the impact force and essentially protect the rest of the phone.

Android should be very interesting indeed. Who knows maybe Lotus can get in on that first. : )

Kevin Mort, 2008-06-27 19:44

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