Move on. Nothing happens here.

by Volker Weber

There were some interesting comments on Ed Brill's site. But they were not from Ed, but by somebody who just used his name. First case of identity theft I have witnessed in this community.

I am disgusted.

[I can't fix the entry on though]


Wow, a lot can happen overnight.

The two comments on that thread on my site that are attributed to me are not my own. They came from IP address and Never seen that address comment on my site before.

I suspect the guy I blocked earlier this week is pissed and trolling. I would appreciate it if you'd remove this post . Pinged you on Skype too.

Ed Brill, 2008-06-28 13:25

For anyone looking for the full story, I have a new blog entry "Impersonated on my own web site". At least since new blog entries are protected by Notes ID/password, you can be sure that is from me :-)

Ed Brill, 2008-06-28 13:52

@Ed - Those are both dynamically assigned Comcast cable IPs in NJ. They don't appear to belong to compromised systems (no third party reports of open socks proxies there etc), so I suspect the abuser was that Comcast user in NJ and not some third party exploiting his/her computer. Did you complain to abuse [at]

Oh, and there is another clue, besides the "Ed" signoff, that these comments weren't posted by you. Your own spelling and grammar are generally of a somewhat higher standard.

Chris Linfoot, 2008-06-28 14:44

I checked to see if I had any comments on my blog from that IP, I don't. Others should check their logs also to identify this person.

carl tyler, 2008-06-28 14:48

I've never thought to report something like this.... it seems pretty trivial in the grand scheme of the Internets... what will happen if I do? Will Comcast seriously track down which of their subscribers had those IP addresses at that particular moment in time?

Ed Brill, 2008-06-28 14:53

@Ed - Maybe they will. Maybe they won't. It somewhat depends on whether that subscriber has a history as well as who is on duty at the abuse desk, what the Comcast AUP says about this sort of thing and so on. But there's no harm in at least telling them that they have an abuser on their network. That is what abuse desks are for.

The public Internet has become the sewer that it is because people do all too often passively accept abuse (e.g. spam accepted, filtered, discarded, but rarely reported).

Abuse of all forms is best dealt with at source and only the nominated abuse contact at any given network can do that.

Chris Linfoot, 2008-06-28 15:22

Ed, I would contact Comcast just to set the precedent that you are willing to do it.

John Head, 2008-06-28 17:02

-what will happen if I do?

most likely nothing for everyone else but abuse+ blogging about it will proberly help.

but the days where connections were cut off for this is gone unless it illegal ?

Flemming Riis, 2008-06-28 19:55

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