Testing BB10

by Volker Weber

When testing BlackBerry 10 in an existing BlackBerry infrastructure, don't assume that all things will work, because they work on your device. Find users with really old mail files. Users who migrated through a couple of infrastructure revisions. With BB 10, you are switching from BES syncing to EAS. And you will suddenly hit old recurring calendar entries that have been badly converted. Or corrupt entries that BES glosses over. Those might throw you off the track. Look for hundreds if not thousands of log entries, per person, per day. And then fix the mail file.

Just sayin'.


Thanks for that hint, i thought that as much. I have migrated about five devices in three different business infrastructures, everything is working almost fine since now. But that people are new users or users that periodically archive their Mailfile (Notes/Domino).

The big Migration will start the next week, let's see, how it works and how funny that Job will be ;-). In any case, the users are glad and enjoy to get the new BB 10 Devices :-)

Jürgen Gabel, 2013-05-23 17:20

There is at least one more thing to watch for: The synchronisation of deleted emails or calendar entries from the BB10 device to your IBM Domino Infrastructure (may be Exchange too) is somehow very slow. The new firmware makes is a little bit smoother. :-)

Harald Wolf, 2013-05-24 09:08

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