What Nokia can learn from SONOS

by Volker Weber


SONOS has the highest customer approval ratings. Higher than Apple. There are many reasons, but one of the interesting ones is that the product gets better as you own it. SONOS keeps adding useful features. And they are rolled out to all customers at once. There is no "first on new devices, later on old ones, maybe". It does not matter whether your product is four years old. It gets the new feature immediately.

Nokia however plays the waiting game. They may ship new features on new phones, but if your device is only the second newest, good luck. The two programs above are only flagged for the 1020. If you have the 925, the bestest and newest available in Europe, they are not available. Until later.


Oh die Video schneide App ist eines der Features die ich wirklich vermisse. Wäre wirklich schön wenn diese auch für “ältere“ Modelle wie das 920 verfügbar währen.

Max Bauer, 2013-07-27 08:05

Das wird sie. Leider müssen wir aber drauf warten.

Volker Weber, 2013-07-27 08:07

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