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My name is Volker Weber. I work as an author, consultant and systems architect.

I must admit that I really enjoy what I am doing. Maybe I should not call it work. I have been running my own business for many years now and I can be contracted on a project basis. Find my contact details here. My rate is carefully hidden in the FAQ.

In case we ever work together, I can promise: You will like it. Most of my customers have been working with me for a very long time. I am open, honest, sometimes painfully honest. Do not hire me if you need a yes-man. Trust me. I do not work for you if I do not see how I could actually help you. If I know someone else who would do a better job then I will tell you. One last thing: If you wear a suit I won't mind. :-)

selfI review software and books about software. If you send me your stuff, I promise that I will not send it back. If I have the time, I will look at it and if I like it, I am certainly going to write about it. I will not write about software without first using it for quite some time and I will also not endorse your book without reading it cover to cover first. A while ago, I started to review mobile devices and other personal electronics. I suggest you read my FAQ before you send me such items. I may not want them, or you may have difficulties getting them back. Especially if they are really, really good.

There are many other places on the web, where you can find me, for instance Twitter or Facebook, XING or LinkedIn. This website remains the center of activity though.

Ceci n'est pas un blog

I explain difficult concepts in simple ways. For free, and for money. Clue procurement and bullshit detection.


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