Steve: Notes is dead

by Volker Weber

According to police reports, Notes was killed by inventor Ray Ozzie, 45. Ozzie entered the Notes space on the Ides of August -- Aug. 15, 2002 -- armed with Version 2.1 of the Groove collaboration platform and its new peer-to-peer e-mail functionality. ... Notes, 20, will be interred after a private service.

Now, this is going to stirr up some debate. :-) The "Notes is dead" story reminds me of this:


Notes may be in the same state as Windows or Office: Lots of people use it, hate it, depend on it for their daily business. There are interesting new players in the field, but it is going to take a while until Windows can be declared dead.

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1) Blogging as a way to communicate with customers is no revolution. As implemented by Ray Ozzie, it is a monologue, and it reads like it is written by his PR department. He's not actively participating in, for example, a discussion forum with his customers as we do at Lotus on our Developer Domain site.

2) If e-mail is so tired, where's Ray's IM address published, and why do his readers have to e-mail him their thoughts on his blog?

3) What is with Steve Gillmor? This guy gives blatant endorsement to Ozzie's statements about SharePoint (gee, that $51 million investment looks pretty good right now) and his quotes from two e-mails. Is Steve's column an editorial or letters to the editor now? Why does Infoworld give Ray Ozzie so much ink without showing actual results of how the world is changing using Groove?

Ed Brill, 2002-08-26

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