The Boss Loves Microsoft: Where does that leave Lotus?

by Volker Weber


Ed Brill had an interesting session at Lotusphere that was very well received.

Steal the slides here. :-)


Ed Brill at his best!
Using Lotus Notes since 1993 and having done consulting in MS Exchange-based shops quite a while, I can certainly agree with his observations.
Notes 6 has truly improved the UI, still Outlook is easier to use for most people I meet (not myself, though).
What Ed does not mention is the "chaos" of different programming languages in Notes/Domino and the completely stupid and irritating discussion of dissolving Notes in Websphere.
One can only wish IBM Lotus that it truly sticks to its unrivaled strengths like rapid app development, replication, true collaboration, ACL, ECL etc. and does not give MS the opportunity to overtake.

Gerold Riempp, 2003-02-05

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