What's going on in London next week?

by Volker Weber


If I were to spend two nights in London next week, arriving Monday 15:40, going back Wednesday at 12:55, how could I spend my time and enjoy myself there? I feel like taking a few days off and would have the opportunity.


Let me buy you a beer?

;-) OK, seriously: no idea if you're interested in this sort of thing, but if I were doing this, I'd definitely head off to the Science Museum. It's great, and at the moment they have the Titanic exhibition on, which personally I am keen to see.

Ben Poole, 2003-11-10

I would recommend the Millenium Wheel/London Eye if the weather is good. The views are amazing.

Armin, 2003-11-10

The docks. Starting point Tower Bridge. Around there you got the Design Museum; Butlers Wharf, the City Hall and the old war ship are also worth a look. I presume that you have already seen the Tower.

The place I love is St. Catherine's Dock and enjoy London's Venice. Then take the walk to the canal bordering the south of Murdoch's News international. The canal has been used for one of the latest Bond movies. This canal is leading to Tobacco Dock, one of the last remaining real dock sites and one of London's weirdest places today, simply mindblowing. The dock has been renovated and reworked a couple of times in the last 15 years, ownership has changed a lot too. The last restauration tried to create a kind of shopping mall. One pub mostly visited by Murdoch newsies is the only tenant. Two fake pirate ships are leftovers of those bankrupt ventures. I always thought that the only thing which might work there is to make TB a venture hub for small, cooperative and creative businesses. It's definitely worth a visit - surprising, unusual and strangely breathtaking.

Wapping is quickly explored. On the first floor of Captain Kidd's Pub (108 Wapping High Street) is a nice restaurant directly bordering the Thames and you can then continue to walk along the Thames till Canary Wharf...

Moritz Schroeder, 2003-11-10

my suggestion: Books for Cooks

4 Blenheim Crescent, Notting Hill: A Gourmet Extravaganza with Ursula and Eric - Monday 10th November 6.45pm ¢40 Calling all food lovers… a very special class with two very special cooks! Join Ursula Ferrigno and Eric Treuillé for an evening devoted to sublime dishes guaranteed to impress. Eric's expertise is perfectly partnered by Ursula's infectious enthusiasm, while their passion for flavour is always inspirational.


I always visit this bookshop with kitchen if I´m in london.

Michael Frerking, 2003-11-10

On Old Kent Road there is a chinese restaurant where all the waiteres are Elvis impersonators.

I agree with Science and Natural history museum, also add the Victoria and Albert and the British Museum.

Also try and go to a show at the west end.

Carl Tyler, 2003-11-10

Now that all sounds very interesting. Andy also recommended going to Oxford, which I most likely do, if the trip really materializes. One question: Is there any free (as in free beer) or cheap WLAN internet access in London?

Volker Weber, 2003-11-10

Take a tube to St Paul's cathedral. Then wander down to the Millenium 'Wobbly' Bridge and walk over to the Tate Modern on the South Bank. I love this gallery.

Afterwards you can head towards the London Eye which is just a short walk away. Apparently the queues for the London Eye are huge so you may need to pick your time carefully if you decide to go. Its worth it though as the views are great.

Kieren Johnson, 2003-11-10

Check http://www.consume.net for WiFi maps in London.

I second the V&A, but also check out the museum of natural history, just adjacent to the V&A. It's a very cool building.

It's plenty of fun to wander around the West End and people watch during the evening. There's plenty of small cafes.

Greenwich and the Royal Observatory are a must stop if you're in a Enlightenment/Geeky frame of mind.

The British Museum is a must-see as well.

I missed the Design Museum during my trip last spring, as well as Red Ken's Keep (the mayor's offices).

Bill Humphries, 2003-11-11

The mayor's office only allow visitors on certain days (e.g. to go to the observation floor). I think it also has to be a full moon, and you need to stand on one leg as you ask to be let in.

In Swahili.

So much for public buildings.

Ben Poole, 2003-11-11

London gets monster Wi-Fi hotspot

Ben Poole, 2003-11-11

Ben, how cool is that? I shall be bringing Snoopy along. This seems reasonably close to where I will be staying.

Volker Weber, 2003-11-11

If you want a really weird museum, visit the Sir John Soane Museum. The Wobbly Bridge and the Tate Modern are also recommended. And if you like trains and postmodern architecture, take a trip on the Docklands Railway from Bank to Greenwich.

Horst, 2003-11-11

This is a nice hotspot directory for the UK.

Volker Weber, 2003-11-13

I am looking for a dinner cruise on The Thames for around 50 people on May 30. Does such a thing exist? and thank you for your help.

F. Lench, 2004-02-16

I’ve been there …fine city, fun nights…
You should take money with for a taxi and pubs for all of night in London.
AKVARIUM Club gonna be fun club.

Kirill, 2004-04-23

Hello everyone, need some help.

My parents are coming to London this weekend to see me and will be here for all of next week. We have already done the museums, shopping, galleries, millenium eye, and I wanted to try something different...... any ideas for tomorrow and Sunday and even next week ??

They have really varied tastes so anything interested and I am all ears !!

andy hutchins, 2005-04-08

i am currently working on a shakespeare heritage pub tour in southwark which would be very enjoyable for tourists.we will meet at the globe pub, perform some shakespeare scenes, drink and show you the sights.

joe lombardelli, 2005-05-25


joe lombardelli, 2005-05-25

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