Too much time on your hand?

by Volker Weber

You will need:

- a lime
- a very sharp knife
- a sedated cat


Thanks, Oliver.



alexei, 2003-11-15

You need this, if you are taking your cat with you on a trip with youre motorbike!

Housemaister, 2003-11-15

There's no way in the world my persian would stand for this.

Esther Schindler, 2003-11-17

That made me laugh so hard that my colleagues all stared at me !
thanx :-)

Chris, 2003-11-17

das zeige ich unseren Katzen! Wirst schon sehen, wennste das nächste Mal bei uns übernachten willst,

der Grell

dergrell, 2003-12-10

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