Video conferencing between iChat and AIM?

by Volker Weber

ichaticons.pngThis might be interesting to users of iChat AV and AOL Instant Messenger.

Let's take a look at a part of my buddylist. In the "metal" header you see a white-on-green camera icon and a little picture, which is my buddy icon. If I click the camera, the iSight gets switched on and iChat AV displays a window with the current video stream that comes in from the camera.

The light blue and white striped part is the buddylist and it shows buddy icons for three people and default "yellow guys" for the other two. You also see green camera and phone receiver icons. If I click on any of those I will start an audio or video call with that person. All of those must be running iChat AV on a Mac. I happen to know that the first "yellow guy" is using Sametime to access the AIM network.

Please note however, that the first line has a pale green background in the camera icon. And that is the interesting part. This person is not using iChat AV and he is not on a Mac. This person is running a new beta of AOL Instant Messenger, and I take this as glimpse at a future where we may be able to do video and audio conferencing between AOL Instant Messenger and iChat AV.

The presence awareness has been here all the time. In iChat and in Mail (via the address book). Now we get an indicator for the availability of a camera at the other end. Let's hope we can put that to good use soon.


i need help on video/audio streaming projects in dot net

atul kumar singh, 2006-01-17

Hi Dear,

I want a project or code in which we use video confrecce technique.
can you please provide this code as soon as possible.



Anand Jain, 2006-05-23

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