Finally: Notes Client for the Mac

by Volker Weber

Arthur Fontaine, Senior Offering Manager Notes and Domino, says:

We are currently planning to provide a Notes 7 client for the Macintosh platform, complete with popular integrated Instant Messaging capabilities on par with those found in Notes for the Microsoft Windows platform. We anticipate that this will occur as a maintenance release to the 7.0 code stream. In the interim time period, we expect to provide a certified and supported Notes client for 7.0 for the Macintosh platform which will be based on the 6.5.4 code base.

That sounds like a good plan.


Where did the Arthur Fontaine quote come from? say this about the Mac client? Is the above quote from an e-mail or is there a URL link available?


Ken Porter, 2004-08-12

No, this IS the source, I received it by IM from Arthur and I can quote him.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-12


Ken Porter, 2004-08-12

Wow! Great news.

On the topic of Notes on the Mac, with this week's release of Mac OS X 10.3.5 (and Safari 1.2 v125.9) and Java 1.4.2 Update 1, the Notes Web access for e-mail - not iNotes - finally works perfectly with the Java toolbar!

Now if we could only find where IBM is hidding release 6.5.2 for the Mac. Can you ask Arthur? :)

Eric Garneau, 2004-08-12

Let's hope it will support Safari and/or Mozilla without any AppleScript. Maybe they will replace Notes' HTML rendering engine with Gecko or KHTML ?

Pascal Robert, 2004-08-12

Pascal, yes that would be nice. Do you have a solution for Safari with Notes 6.5?

Eric, I have 6.5.2. No idea, where IBM is hiding it from the public though.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-12

Do you know something about the Notes Designer Client?
The need of the designer client currently is the only reason for me to stay on Windows.

Wolfgang, 2004-08-12

Yes, I asked specifically for that. There are no plans for a Designer client.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-12

Thanks for getting to the bottom of this Detective Vowe!

You accomplished in one week what we mere mortals have been trying to find out for 8 months. ;-)

Richard van Geilswyk, 2004-08-12

Kissworks has a product, Excursion 2.1, that allows you to use Safari with Notes 6. In otherwords to finally delete IE from your Mac!

Take a hop over to for more details.

Ken Porter, 2004-08-12

Richard, that's not really fair. It just so happens that IBM were ready to announce the position externally today -- vowe just got it before it was posted to the ND7 beta forum on LDD.

Ed Brill, 2004-08-12

I like the "Safari - Open Location" script better.

Eric Garneau, 2004-08-12

Trackback: Yes Mac-Heads, there is a Santa Claus - Notes 7/Macintosh is a GO...

Thanks Volker (and Art and IBM!)

Rock, 2004-08-12

The Notes clients on Windows and Unix have ODBC bindings, which many users expect to work on Mac OS X -- but we have not been able to make this work, which we believe to be due to Notes binding to the DataDirect driver manager on Unix, which does not deliver the same functionality on Mac OS X.

OpenLink Software provides the iODBC Driver Manager, which Apple chose to distribute as the ODBC ecosystem for Mac OS X. Notes clients may be "dual bound", linked both against the DataDirect Carbon-only Driver Manager, and against the iODBC Carbon- and Cocoa-supporting Driver Manager.

OpenLink is ready to assist Lotus/IBM in this process, but we have not been able to navigate the maze of the IBM/Lotus websites to make contact with the proper people. I would very much appreciate your passing this information on to Mr. Fontaine, as it seems he should be able to press this through the right departments.

Ted Thibodeau Jr, 2004-08-13

I am no using Safari as my agent for Notes r5. This great news. I have been using Explorer for some time now. Both default to Web mail instead of the iNotes Interface. But with the new version of Java from Apple, I believe 1.4.2, When first connecting to Notes Safari starts to utilize the iNotes interface and then Motes says that the current browser has not been certified to work and it switches to the Web mail interface. Is there a way to tell Notes to use Safari? I would love to move away from the client on all of our Macs and PC's.


john J Gaudreault, 2004-08-13

Check out PiMessenger for a Mac IM client that is compatible with Lotus Sametime.

Joe M Oglesby, 2004-08-15

Hi All,

just came across your very useful feed on this subject.

I have a applescript I wrote recently to open Safari from Lotus Notes 6.5.1 - can anyone tell me why it keeps opening up filemaker pro at the same time it runs the script? It works fine but is still have this issue with filemaker pro or 'fins script' utility opening...

My script is thus:

tell application 'Safari'
end tell

thats it - should I put anything else in there??

Thanks guys.


Roy Long, 2004-08-16

Roy, check this out.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-16

Do they have plans to support Lotus Domino Document someday ?

Pascal Robert, 2004-08-16

I read on another website there was a downloadable beta for Notes 7 client on mac (in a trials area on the IBM website) but I cannot find it anywhere, and typically I cannot find the other website again... should have bookmarked it. Anyone got any hints?

Andy, 2004-09-22

Hello Volker,

any news regarding Ted's comment (2004-08-13)?

Leonardo Burci, 2004-12-28

For Leonardo, and anyone else who's curious...

I have heard nothing from IBM/Lotus on the subject, and it is unlikely that it would have escaped me if they contacted others at OpenLink.

Still -- anyone who cares to pass my direct contact information on to relevant IBM/Lotus contacts may feel free. +1-781-273-0900 x32.

Let's get the Mac OS X client up to full parity with the other platforms on the block!

Ted Thibodeau Jr, 2005-03-15

I am using Client 6.5.1 for MAC. The only problem I have is that I can not read and wirte Chinese fonts. Anyone knows how to fix that? Thanks.
Roger Hong

Roger Hong, 2005-07-19

7.0.2b2 is out now

Andy Mell, 2006-11-14

am using Client 7.0.3 for MAC. The only problem I have is that I can not read and wirte Chinese fonts. Anyone knows how to fix that? Thanks.

Prabowo Bowo, 2009-12-08

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