Filtering spam with Spartacus Spam-Filter for Lotus Domino

by Volker Weber

Remember the shortest software test ever? Well, the developer sure did not like that post. But instead of passing the buck he fixed the problem. Now my server is running version 1.21, without any issues whatsoever.

Spartacus is a bayesian filter that comes pre-trained and catches spam with an 80% accuracy right out of the box. It does not delete mail but instead moves it to a spam folder called SpamBox. When you pull false positives out of this folder or drag spam from your inbox to the spam folder, Spartacus learns. It has already improved to a 90 something accuracy within a few days.

The installation is a breeze. The software installs itself as an extension into the Domino server and then creates the SpamBox in the users mail file automatically when the next message is received. It learns for each user individually as he drags mail in and out of the SpamBox.

Now I need to give it some more time to improve. I am cautiously optimistic and will let you know in two months of how things went so far.


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