Microsoft to bring you the finest spyware

by Volker Weber

Microsoft is apparently in talks to acquire Claria. Never heard of them? They had to rename themselves, since they no longer wanted to be recognized by their previous name: Gator.

Why does Microsoft buy those scumbags? You be the judge.


What's next Weatherbug?

Carl Tyler, 2005-07-01

Now you will know for sure via pop-ups that there are new Security patches available for Windows.

Bruce Elgort, 2005-07-01

This is simply in line with an new policy of openness and direct communication at Microsoft.

They are acknowledging that if a computer is to be normally used in a compromised state, the user shouldn't be forced to wait 4 minutes after connecting to the internet for this to happen. In the future, the computer will be delivered this way.

I encourage this sort of forthright and pro-active thinking.

David Richardson, 2005-07-01

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