Two confirmations

by Volker Weber

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Today I received two confirmations for Lotusphere 2006:

Speaking at Lotusphere will be quite a change. So far I have only spoken (and written) about but never at Lotusphere. Last year I discussed an opportunity with Ed, but decided not to. This year I am going to try a panel, but I won't be the moderator. At least that is what I think right now. You never know ... ;-)

In any case: It means one more card in the deck. (plus 2005 which is missing from the picture)


Well, so we have the first session worth attending at LS06. I must say: I am curious...

Alexander Kluge, 2005-11-01


Vowe is over rated :-)


Bruce Elgort, 2005-11-01

be carefull! vowe might disturb you in your Lotusphere Session, and you might get out of sync doing your Dick Hardt style presentation... :-)

Alexander Kluge, 2005-11-01


Bring it on :-) and who says Vince and I will be doing a Dick Hardt style presentation? Thats so 2005. We have something else planned.

Bruce Elgort, 2005-11-01

Congratulations Vowe! Can't wait! Hope to see you there.

Ray Bilyk, 2005-11-01

vowe is a good mother.

Ed Brill, 2005-11-02

Congratulations vowe, see you there.

Kitty Fothringham, 2005-11-04

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