by Volker Weber


congratulations :P
I'm just at 18,42 GBytes (it was more once, but I had to delete all the bad junk I never listen to...)
The problem is, most is in WMA format (no trolling, but I use Windows primary and the Windows Media Player is just better than Windows iTunes IMO...)

pascal germroth, 2005-11-14

It reminds me that 18'280 songs purchased on the iTMS would be something around 18'000 €.
That's what we can call "added value"... ;)

Pieter Lansbergen, 2005-11-14

Pieter, don't remind me. I spent way too much money on CDs. They weren't really any cheaper than iTunes.

Pascal, we all make those mistakes. MS deliberately crippled Media Player so that it is unable to rip decent MP3s. If you fall for it, that's your problem. But you are not lost. iTunes can convert those just nicely to MP3.

Of course Apple would like you to use AAC as much as MS wants you to use WMA. But iTunes gives you a (good) choice. If you are looking for the finest quality use the LAME encoder instead.

Volker Weber, 2005-11-14

That's a nice excuse to buy two of them. Or you might want to wait 5 more years before buying. Of course, that's no solution if your iTunes' library grows bigger than that in those 5 years.

Henning Störk, 2005-11-14

Magazin der Süddeutschen Zeitung, letzten Freitag, ein Weihnachts-Special: "Ganz Deutschland wünscht sich was", S.24 Da wünscht sich Ursula Karven, Schauspielerin:

1. einen neuen iPod, weil meiner voll ist.

English summary: A famous (?) German actress wishes list for christmas: a new iPod because her old one is full.

Detlef Borchers, 2005-11-14

>MS deliberately crippled Media Player so that it is unable to rip decent MP3s.

WMP is of course able to rip mp3. However I use iTunes due to it's better sound (subjective).

Martin Hiegl, 2005-11-14

Cyndi Lauper? I thought better of you :-P

Ed Brill, 2005-11-14

I am sure you never head that album, Ed.

Martin, you missed the word "decent".

Volker Weber, 2005-11-14

Yes, I passed that iTunes boundary some time ago. It partly depends on your ripping quality. I initially started with 192kbps (variable/high) which put me past the 60GB marker but now I'm looking at turning them all into lossless.

A shame MS nor Apple will support FLAC natively, but Apple lossless is good and can be replayed using a freeware decoder now.

Apple lossless will grow my library to approximately 5x it's current size.

Ben - owner of 3 Lauper albums, but not the one above!

Ben Rose, 2005-11-15

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