Best. Blonde. Joke. Ever.

by Volker Weber

This blonde joke had me ROTFL.


You nearly got me. I stopped after the fifth link ;-)

Frank Mueller, 2005-12-23

damn, the line is broken at
"Journal deleted"

Martin Hiegl, 2005-12-23

.... I don't get it :-F

Chris Toohey, 2005-12-23

Chris, you are now officially blonde. :-)

Volker Weber, 2005-12-23

Nice post URL.

Ralph Unden, 2005-12-23

Wegen so was (in gesprochener Form) durfen wir mal nachsitzen in der Schule (damals, in den 80ern).

Uwe Keim, 2005-12-23

Klasse Witz - musste ich auch spontan mal verlinken ;)

Chris Tasche, 2005-12-25

And now, look here:,1518,393295,00.html

Dirk Denzer, 2006-01-04

wheres the fucking joke?

annissa mays, 2006-01-10

Annissa, only non-blondes can find it.

Volker Weber, 2006-01-10

if only non blondes can find it... how can i find it?
P.S. blondes are always better looking

Daniel Knight, 2006-01-10

WHAT IN THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT BE MORE SPECIFIC. THANKS, U KNO WHO We hate your sight it sucks but if u know wut i mean. Hater Danny Talk about something we can understand and no some mombo jumbo stuff that makes no sense at all I hope u hate me when you read this
Your Hater, Danny

DANNY LEE PARKER, 2006-01-11

This joke just gets funnier.

Ben Rose, 2006-01-11

what the hell is this, i didnt even see what the joke was. there was no joke.
why would you be stupid enough to even put this on!!!!

carrie best blonde, 2006-01-20

Im a blonde and I got it straight away, I think everyone should cut us blondes some slack seriously! I mean there are some true blonde people out there, but c'mon stop stereotyping us! I mean im 15 and blonde yet I have an IQ of 142, which is more than what alot of adults have and non-blondes. so In the words of a true blonde up yours!

Holly Lousie , 2006-03-20

this is ridiculous! Yeah i am a blonde but everyone has their own blonde moments! What the fuck why label us as being "dumb" or "stupid." there is not even a damn joke!

Rachel Akers, 2006-04-25

i dont get it!!!!! im a blond. wat is the point of it? i so badly wanted 2 have a funny blond joke and this 1 sucks!!!! this is NOT fair

kristen caccavale, 2006-04-29

Asking 0,50 Eur for the story at,1518,393295,00.html is the best joke ever. Huaaaaaa! :-)

Armin Roth, 2006-04-29

Yup. The thread that keeps on giving alright...

Chris Linfoot, 2006-04-29

Those who don't get the joke probably suffer from information overload. Here's the cure

Dave Delay, 2006-05-01

Hehe. It just keeps you laughing, doesn't it? Not so much the link itself but the idiots who don't get it..

Rachel Telles, 2006-05-07

The cure for Dumb Blonde jokes is to tell Dumb Bleached Brunette jokes. Bleached Brunettes outnumber Blondes 13 - 1 and ALL the dumb jokes are about Bleached Brunettes because they voluntarily join a group that has deliberately self-created a reputation for being dumb sluts. Retell the jokes as Dumb Bleached Brunette jokes and watch these dumb women squirm and wither away when the censure that is directed at them finally gets to them. Never call them Blonde. A million filthy words attached to the name Blonde will not deter them from using the name Blonde so stop calling them "Bleached Blondes". When you do something stupid tell everyone you just had a Bleached Brunette Moment. Pass it on.

Carol E. Cox, 2006-08-08

Sheesh... I clicked through 53 odd links looking for this joke and it brought me right back here.

Jerry Carter, 2006-08-29

OK i clicked and clicked and clicked but i still find no joke :( i want to read it but my puter or something will not let me it say here is the best jokeover and i click it and it does it agin so what is the joke ????

Kaycie Lee Little, 2006-10-29

Okay, I'm brunette and I can't find the joke. A little help? Thanks!

Emily Almoler, 2006-11-02

Volker, whatever you do, please don't turn off comments on this post...


Rob McDonagh, 2006-11-02

WHERE IS THIS JOKE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Lindsey George, 2006-12-06

OMG! some people are so dumb its not even funny! Keep Clicking;-

kaitlyn marie hearn, 2007-01-04

Thread closed. To many blonde comments. :-)

Volker Weber, 2007-03-11

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