What is a "Chief Networking Officer"?

by Cem Basman

CEO, CFO, COO, CIO and CNO. CNO? Never heard of a CNO? Nor did I. Until today. Networking is a profession, according to Lars Hinrichs, CEO of openBC. Regarding the increasing importance of business networking for enterprizes openBC extends its team: As "Chief Networking Officer" (CNO) and Head of Community Development Udo Hamm is responsible at openBC for the creation and cultvation of new communities and the acquisition of already existing communities. Udo left his job at the swiss bank giant UBS for his new job. Udo explains why:

To become Chief Networking Officer of a company like openBC seems like a logic conclusion to me: My whole life and all my single career steps have amounted to my current position as a professional full-time networker. Because this is what I have been my whole life and my new position is my first tailor-made job. I have learned that it’s possible to meet every interesting and important person wherever you are, it’s all a matter of networking.

Sounds exciting. openBC has now about 1 million contacts. They are heading for 2 million at the end of this year. Well, you sure probably need a CNO then ... And he will probably be also the first CNO in the world. Good luck, Udo.


First CNO?

No ;).

I was in fact the second :).

First? I just discovered the other day when I recieved an invitaiton from this guy;

Octavio Pitaluga, Brazil :).

Octavio's LinkedIn


Anders Abrahamsson, 2006-01-21

Anders, thank you for this information. New businesses, new goals, new tasks, new work descriptions, new titles. "Sustainability Entrepreneurship Facilitator" is also quite a nice title ... ;).

Cem Basman, 2006-01-21

Dear Anders at alli,

Thanks for referrring to my name. I had already discussed this CNO position inside corporations lasy June 2005 http://www.ecademy.com/node.php?id=49232

In addition, I am lauching a "Business Networks Management workshop where I teach abt the importance of CNO role and networks management activities. PDF here: http://www.tech-bridges.com.br/sitePT/images/stories/netbridges/networksmgt.pdf

Btw, I personally know Udo Hamm since we were 18 or so. Golden days LOL

Best regards,

Octavio Pitaluga

Octavio Pitaluga, 2006-01-22

Dear Cem, Octavio (where's Udo in this little thread ;) ? ),

This is interesting! Independent of your threading at ecademy and self-naming, Octavio (thanks again for your linkin the other week, accepted), I was thinking of an appropriate "title" for the "core" of a networking organisation and networking platform (S*E*N*S*A - t. b. a. / Focus - sustainopreneurial facilitation and networking support, networking place for sustainopreneurs - see my AboutMe website) - and landed at CNO :).

Parallel evolution I would say!

But CNO in a networking platform (OpenBC / S*E*N*S*A), is quite a different ballgame than being CNO in a corporation. Especially since the corporation usually is organized in the "special-case" of "network topology" of "hiearchy". The natural developing networks usually shapes as scale-free networks (I am convinced OpenBC is formed as such) with a few hyper-connectors "rich get richer" of links. Read the books! I have collected some essential links and a book-roll for first reading at

My Networking Lens at Squidoo

related to this topic.

See ya around in the net-o-sphere, guys (where's the gals? - who is going to be the first female CNO? - women are often more natural networkers to my experience)!


Anders Abrahamsson, 2006-01-23

"where's Udo in this little thread?" ... Here?. Big Networking going on down there today and tommorrow.

Cem Basman, 2006-01-23

Guys, here is something for you:
A gathering of CNO's in Switzerland.

Cem Basman, 2006-01-23

Cem: Re DLD06;
Paul van Dyk in the keynotes!

World #2 DJ! Cool :).

www.djanders.info, you know...

Re: the Swiss event - it is for techie CNO's (ICT networks), not social-business networkers...
Just qualitative differences, but equally important.


Talking about ICT and Networking Tools - owner of a www.flybook.biz, as my go-everywhere-with-me gadget :)

Anders Abrahamsson, 2006-01-23

CNO-Event (Switzerland): Chief Net(work) Officer.

Peter Claus Lamprecht, 2006-01-23

Hi Anders,

here is the gal, the first CNO! I am CNO of brainswork - the creative business development agency (www.brainswork.at) for the last 2 years. Talking about been first!
I will speak in Vienna in March about using female stenghts in leadership -guess the topic. Already spoke at a Vienna Hub event with Bill Liao and Thomas Power last year.

Octavio, thanks for the tip, and by the way your material on the subject is excellent.
Looking forward to more on this topic

Selma Prodanovic, 2006-01-23

Flybook apparently needs a new CGSO (Chief German Spelling Officer): »Vergessen Sie den monotonen Look von Standartnotebooks.«… ;-)

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2006-01-24

yeah. it is rather new for me; but i don't think it is something special,
it merely something old in a new bottle.
that is all.
I am kevin Zheng from mainland China.

kevin zheng, 2006-01-25

Hallo my name is Wendi Kadir and appointed as the network manager, or in your term you call the position as CNO. Currently we are trying to have a collaboration amongts ten universitites and institute in Indonesia (CKNet-INA). Our goal is to help the water sector in Indonesia to address their problems through higher education level... so may be we can share experiences of how to deal with people, best practices of how to initiate the changes and how to deal with resistance effectively,...cheers

Wendi Kadir, Mr

Wendi Kadir, 2007-05-08

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