Can you spare a sock?

by Volker Weber


Meet Schroeder, the newest family member in vowe's magic flying circus. Schroeder is a white iPod 60 GB. He has revived my interest in iPods since he plays videos and has my 2006 photo album. I did not think that I would be interested in viewing videos on a small screen like this but I was wrong. Just drop a video on iSquint and it will be converted and added to iTunes. This week I watched Gone In 60 Seconds and The Emperor's New Groove. I guess "Lawrence Of Arabia" would not work so well. :-)

This 5th iPod generation is the first design I like since the second generation. If you compare them side by side, Woodstock still looks a lot better. When you switch them on however, Schroeder wins hands down with his gorgeous color screen. However, there is one major downside: Apple dropped Firewire support. Since Lucy only has USB 1.1, syncing takes a lot of time now. When I bought the second generation 20 GB iPod three years ago, it was $499. The fifth generation 60 GB is $399 but Apple has dropped a few things from the (much smaller) package. There is no charger, no remote control and no protective case. Your best value for adding accessories is the AV Connection Kit, which includes a dock, a remote, a USB charger, a second USB cable and an AV cable to hook up the dock to a TV.

The only thing I am missing is an iPod sock. You get six for $29. But I only need one and not six. Can you spare one of your's?

ipod socks

Update: It looks like tpk has a purple sock for me.


Nice toy... but why didn't you wait for the much-rumoured, mysterious iPod Video?

Martin Switaiski, 2006-02-25

I am pretty good at keeping secrets. That is why people keep telling me. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-02-25

The way Apple sells their iPod covers bugs me too. I just ordered a nano last week, and was going to order a tube to protect it...but it's 5 for $29. I don't want 5. I want one that I don't plan on ever taking off.

I did see someone recently with a nano in an interesting looking leather cover that I'm going to try to find. Definitely third party.

Sometimes it makes me wonder if it's part of Apple's encouraging the iPod economy. It seems like there's a lot of stuff out there that Apple could make themselves for the iPods that they don't just to encourage third party development of accessories.

Scott Gentzen, 2006-02-25

Ok, so you implicitly suggest the iPod Video isn't coming anytime soon, Volker? Just trying :-)

As for the accessories, I think Apple's starting to offer more and more complementary stuff for the iPod product line now (maybe with the "Boombox" making its debut next week?).

Scott, getting a cover is most definitely a good idea if you want to protect your investment. I got my (black) Nano a couple of months ago and its surface now looks as if a complete ice hockey team went over it --at least I did put a cover on the display right from the start, so actually it doesn't bother me.

Martin Switaiski, 2006-02-25

No, I am not suggesting anything.

Volker Weber, 2006-02-25

I have this case and love it:

Clear plastic case

Bruce Elgort, 2006-02-25

There are even pictures of this rumored ipod video.

New Video

Similar to the pictures leaked before the 5G came out.

5G Pic

Max Friedman, 2006-02-25

I have socks to spare! Any particulare colour you are interested in? Pink, purple, blue, green, orange and grey I think are your options, just let me know. Kitty.

Kitty Elsmore, 2006-02-26

Thanks, Kitty. Thomas has just given me a purple sock. I think, my favorite would have been a light blue one.

Volker Weber, 2006-02-26

In case people just need the AV cable and not anything else, you don't need a special cable from Apple.

Simply use a normal Av cable, but switch the end cables around at the tv end.

More details :

Alex Boschmans, 2006-02-26

Thanks, Alex.

However, there is a small hint on the preview page how to turn your URL into a link. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-02-26

why not using a selfmade sock? :-)

Andrea Altefrone, 2006-02-27

Ich bin nicht so besonders gut im Stricken. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-02-27

Martin, yeah. I've just gotta find what I'm looking for. Didn't ask the owner where he got it. Didn't think I was getting one at the time.

In the mean time, Apple's shipping a little sleeve to put it into now. I have to take it out to see the display or use the controls but it's better than nothing.

Scott Gentzen, 2006-02-28

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