Sonos - second look

by Volker Weber

What do you do, when you cannot get hardware to work? Throw more hardware at the problem. As I explained, a Sonos ZonePlayer does not want to talk to an existing wireless network. Although ZonePlayers talk to each other and the controller over a wireless network. No luck moving the ZonePlayer to the living room then, since there is no ethernet cable running there. Or so I thought.

Then I remember that I have a Netgear wireless bridge. I connected the bridge to my network and ran a cable from the bridge to the ZonePlayer. Then I ran an audio cable from Line Out to the SONY TA-707ES. Power everything up. Success. The ZonePlayer now plays through the regular setup and everything is good.

Next step was installing the desktop controller on the Mac:

Sonos Mac Controller

Nice. Not as nice as iTunes, since there is no search. But much more usable than the controller.

Music is no longer playing through the Airport Express. I am now on the Sonos, hooked up to the Sony Amplifiers.

Casualties so far: One ZonePlayer DOA. One "Soviet" controller. :-)

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woher kenne ich nur die abgebildete CD....? ;-)

P.S.:"werk 4" steht jetzt an!

Heiko Müller, 2006-03-24

Fein. Sind schon lange keine CDs mehr hier aufgeschlagen. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-03-24

The iPod/iTunes UI may be simpler but it doesn't control music in up to 32 rooms and some compromise has to be made for functionality.

The Sonos controller is also illuminated in the dark, water-tight (I use when washing up or shaving) and has good battery life...vital in such a unit.

Ben Rose, 2006-03-24

I answered your concerns here.

Volker Weber, 2006-03-24

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