Site news: SNAFU

by Volker Weber

Last night something went terribly wrong. First, you would only get 403 errors, then all pages one directory level up from root don't display correctly since the includes don't work.

It turned out that I caused the second error when trying to fix the first. Since the first error was not in my domain, I couldn't. Now everything is back to normal.

Time and again it proves that the second error is worse than the first one. If your car skids and you take corrective action, it is usually that action that makes you leave the road. :-)


Well, it happened to me once that the corrective action kept me on the road, but unfortunately upside down. Luckily I had about two tons of car around me so there was no serious troubles other than a damaged car.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2006-05-17

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