Nothing up her sleeve

by Volker Weber


Sehr mutig die Dame.

Alexander Kaiser, 2006-08-11

Stimmt! Würde gerne wissen wo das aufgenommen/vorgeführt wurde. USA kann nicht nicht so recht glauben

Andrea Altefrone, 2006-08-11

Auf dem Poster im Hintergrund steht "Montreal" und in Kanada waere so etwas sicher leichter moeglich als in den USA.

Kay Satirli, 2006-08-11

Im ersten viertel sieht man im Hintergrund einen Schriftzug. Wenn man nach "pure rire Montreal" googelt, kommt man auf ein Comedy-Festival in Kanada.

Lars Krahl, 2006-08-11

Made my day, oh, Canada ;)

Heiko Hebig, 2006-08-11

Wowiee - it's the same simple (?) trick repeated, but what a show !

Alex Boschmans, 2006-08-11

Und ab September/Oktober gastiert die Dame hier im Barbican :-) Da werde ich doch gleich mal tickets kaufen... Denn auch sonst hat es das Programm von Ursula Martinez in sich:

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2006-08-11


And just a few days ago I mailed my husband the link to this site...

Adeleida Bingham, 2006-08-11

Extravagant und Genial in einem...

Markus Heyl, 2006-08-11

Those magic tricks are amazing! I was spell-bound!


Ben Poole, 2006-08-11

My wife does this trick, too. But not with a red scarf. She does it with money. And she doesn't make it appear again ... It's magic to me. You are a bad boy, Cemmi ...

Cem Basman, 2006-08-11

Ursula surely is the bomb on every kid's birthday party.

Ralph Unden, 2006-08-11

Good point, Ralph. I hypothesize that after the party the number of male 13 year olds laying awake significantly increases. =)

Philipp Sury, 2006-08-11

Best magician ever :)

Timo Stamm, 2006-08-11

I'd like to see David Copperfield do that! (Actually, not so much.) I couldn't believe she would go all the way!

Ian Irving, 2006-08-12

Best Magic trick I've ever seen...wonder what she can do with a Rabbit?

Jim Underwood, 2006-08-28

No, what's the name of the girl and what show is it?


Massimiliano Zattera, 2006-08-28

The link to her website is in Wolfgang's comment.

Philipp Sury, 2006-08-28


Ramzi Mouakkassa, 2006-08-28

extremly cool!!

Peter Kriemer, 2006-08-30


Lee Vowell, 2006-08-31

I love this woman. She is fantastic!

Where do I see more of her.

Peter Perry, 2006-08-31

My kind of girl!

John King, 2006-09-01

Voll genital! Ähmm... genial :o)

Wolfgang Pries, 2006-09-03

Hi from
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.

I've added your blog to my blog.

Liz Waldner, 2006-09-09


Alan Burnham, 2006-09-09

She is great! Ironic, impressive, amusing!

Anna Lanave, 2006-09-13

lovely woman extremely talented id love to go for a drink with her she would be great fun

phyllis behan, 2006-09-13

pretty good . have emailed to all we know. when is she doing her australian show???????

Bob and Melissa Strevens, Australia, 2006-09-14

omg she was amazingly wierdly fantastic

love sam in the uk

samantha shakespeare, 2006-09-15

O M G how good waz that !!

pete waz, 2006-09-16

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