IE7: Feeds with DTDs are not supported

by Volker Weber

Screenshot: Stefan Rubner


This was also a great suprise for me when I first saw it. I do not see any reason, why Internet Explorer 7 cannot process or at least ignore these DTDs.

Andy Brunner, 2006-11-07

I saw this in one of the betas and was very surprised: How hard would it have been to just skip the DTD-Line of the Feed? Instead Microsoft has to pay for the translation of this error message into all the languages Windows is available in. Not a good move, I guess.

Markus Weimer, 2006-11-07

Amazingly stupid. What were they smoking?

Timo Stamm, 2006-11-07

It's a "feature" of the underlying MSXML parser, a brute force way of stopping the "billion laughs" entity expansion denial of service attack., As the linked post says, this is a bug in XML, and alternatives for dealing with it are all unappealing.

The "just skip the DTD" approach is something that sounds simple but is got problems too. What happens when something in the DTD is referenced in the XML ... defer the error until then? Quietly ignore that error?

The approach we take going forward is to enforce configurable limits on the number of entities to expand, but this will break some perfectly legitimate documents too.

Michael Champion, 2006-11-07

Thanks Michael, very helpful (unlike some other posters).

Thomas Gumz, 2006-11-07


Volker Weber, 2006-11-07

Hi there i have the same problem .. how can be solved this one ?

Alex Mark, 2007-07-10

Am experiencing the same issue.
But what is more odd is that when i test the feed from my localhost IIS server it works fine, however when i put it on the development server if fails.

NB. It fails after clicking the subscribe to this feed button.
however everything is fine in Outlook.

joseph ssenyange, 2007-07-17

It's because its a Google thing that Microsoft don't accept it I'll bet. It's their usual way of stifling competitors.

David Boulding, 2007-12-03

awwwwwwwww i was Youtube feeds..., same DtD bla bla comes up :(

my ipods getting lonely >.

Tony Badu, 2008-02-18

Here is a place that shows you how to make DTD work for IE7 for administrators.


Revenant One, 2008-04-15

explorer does not let me DTD

Rodolfo Valentin, 2009-08-21

I had the same problem. All I needed to do was change the file from .rss to .xml and it worked. Stupid solution but maybe it can work for you, too.

Scott Butler, 2009-12-10

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