Treo 680 goes on sale for 499 Euro

by Volker Weber

treo store

Palm has finally released pricing for the Treo 680. While Ed Colligan had hinted at prices as low as $199, he could obviously only have meant subsidizes carrier pricing. Without a contract the device goes on sale in Germany for 499 Euro. Street prices expected to be lower of course.

The 680 is indeed 150 Euro cheaper than the 750v, but it is going to be a hard sell for a device without WLAN and UMTS. Smartphones have evolved during the last two years, and the 680 is not a long shot from the 650.

Update: The US Store lists the device at $399 (310 Euro). This is an outrageous spread.


Did you see that palm had to recall 144,000 680s because the microphone wasn't connected?


Chris Whisonant, 2006-11-21

Chris, ouch!

Having just obtained a Blackberry Pearl, and am absolutely loving it, I really can't see why you would want a Treo 680 (really a slightly warmed Palm 650) at this stage...

Stuart McIntyre, 2006-11-21

Und wann kommt das 750v nach Deutschland? Oder ist doch das Q von Motorola die bessere Wahl?

Dirk Mueller, 2006-11-21

Das 750v ist derzeit nur bei Vodafone zu haben. Aber auch ohne Vertrag. Ein Q habe ich noch nicht in der Hand gehabt.

Volker Weber, 2006-11-21

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