Santa Homer in Darmstadt

by Volker Weber

Photo: Jon Schulst


Is this a Hundertwasser designed house?
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2006-12-26

D'oh ho ho!

Richard Schwartz, 2006-12-26

Yes, it is. And there are lots of pictures, including interiors.

Volker Weber, 2006-12-26

I saw a Hundertwasser excebition in the national museum of Iceland when I was about 10 years old, and was very impressed by his work. In particular the toilet operated heating system. He had it all worked out, you take a shit, and heat up your very organic house in the process:)

I guess he is better known for his "funny" looking buildings today, but this is one Austrian painter and sculptor, who is worth a Goole or a Wiki.

Villi Helgason, 2006-12-26

He must have something special with toilets then, Villi: I saw a public toilet in Kawakawa, New Zealand designed by Hundertwasser

happy holidays by the way.

Martijn Mulder, 2006-12-27

I love american christmas!

Happy new year!

Marcel Hollerbach, 2006-12-27

Hi Martijn, long time no hear. If you see this post then drop me a line at villihelga -at-, I'de like to hear what you have been up to (in Argentina) since leaving the great insurance company :)

In the Hundertwasser excebition I saw, he had this self sustainability thing all figured out - and this was back in the 1970's. Quite amazing.

Villi Helgason, 2006-12-31

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