Street smart

by Volker Weber


Damn, that's scary.

Joerg Michael, 2007-03-01

It's funny because they're stupid. :D

I only have hope because the majority of Americans I've actually met seem to be fairly smart. That's not to say I haven't met any that were achingly dumb, but there are plenty in stupid people in the rest of the world too. Of course stupid people in the rest of the world don't get to vote for the guy with command of the most powerful military force in the world. :/

Kerr Rainey, 2007-03-01

If you go to the right places in germany you can get the same answers if you want to. You just have to cut the ones from your tapes which are not funny. So yes, there are stupid or uneducated americans out there - but there shurely are some which are educated. And you shouldn't believe everything you see on TV.

Dirk Steins, 2007-03-01

Just a friendly reminder: Not everything on this site is to be taken seriously. I can post the same thing with Germans. But because of language barriers fewer people could have a good laugh.

Volker Weber, 2007-03-01

These are definitely not the Americans I got to know. But I'm afraid there might be others...

(Still, you could surely pull this stunt in any country all over the globe...)

Frank Dröge, 2007-03-01

Maybe I should have been a little more verbose. You'll certainly be able to find educationally challenged folks all over the world. What I find really scary is the fact that after all these years there are still people who'll believe that attacking yet another country would make the US more secure. But then the folks towards the end of the clip mentioned they were Texans, so maybe that explains some of it. Oh yeah, here's a really smart German.

Joerg Michael, 2007-03-01

LOL... I'm sure answers would be much worse this side, but perhaps we can duck behind having poor bandwidth and no CNN...

In defense of Americans and their general knowledge, when we passed customs in Newark this year, the customs dude not only told me my heritage (French Huguenot - my maiden name "du Toit" is still in my current passport) but were also pretty close at the decade they hit South African shores. I had to look that up. Hmmmm.

Adeleida Bingham, 2007-03-01

I think, that what scares me is the thought, that if you would film stupid answers of people confused by a camera in Germany, one would get stupid answers just as in this film, but with a difference, that nearly nobody would opt in to go and invade another country they never heard of till the question was asked.

Gregory Engels, 2007-03-01

I find that terribly depressing.

Eric Hancock, 2007-03-02

I couldn't listen to the whole thing, too painful. Loved the maps where Australia was labeled "North Korea", "France" and "Iran", and nobody questioned it (of course, they probably edited out those takes).

Did they ever disclose where the interviews took place?

Bob Balaban, 2007-03-03

@Bob: I thin, I recognized the corner of 42'nd St in NY in a couple of shots. But then others looked like Florida... I think it is cut toghether from many places

Gregory Engels, 2007-03-05

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