Hell is about to freeze over in Westford

by Volker Weber

Kevin Cavanough Bob Balaban

To the left you see Kevin Cavanaugh, Vice President of Development for Domino Products, presiding over the "Ask The Developers" session at Lotusphere 2007 (a.k.a Beat The Developers). I say presiding instead of moderating because he is doing it so well that you won't believe it until you have been there. To the right is Bob Balaban in his famous Lotusphere 2006 tuxedo. And that is a whole different story.

Anyway, Bob Balaban always gets to ask the first question at the Beat The Developers. This year was an exception, but that would disgress from the story. The question is: "When are you going to fix the LSX Toolkit?" Bob has actually helped writing it when he worked for Lotus. (He now is back at IBM, that's why he did not get to ask the question.) Bob knows it's broken because (at Looseleaf) he built a commercial product on it. And he has volunteered for years to fix it. Now that Bob is back at IBM, he no longer calls it broken, but rather someting like "it needs fixing, and a few enhancements to make it a lot better". Well, I prefer the straight talk, so let's assume it is indeed broken.

Now it appears that he may after all finally get to fix it. And this is where Kevin has the final say.


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