Looks like Fon is trying to buy coverage

by Volker Weber

fon buying coverage


FON should fire this guy.

Cem Basman, 2007-11-08

Well, I am wondering if he bought the redistribution rights for the Business Week piece. If not, he may be let go pretty soon.

Volker Weber, 2007-11-08

Hmmm, I'm puzzled...
Vowe did as this guy requested, though he probably had imagined a different presentation of the information.
However its not clear to me what inside that mail has ticked off Cem.
The commission offered?
The fact that it is probably on the don't do list of vowes faq (if I assume that vowe did not exchange mail with the guy before)?

Martin Forisch, 2007-11-09

Very fine, especially the attachment of 1.5 MB... (if he had been unable to get a pdf, he would have scanned it - 10 MB in this case, I guess)...

Torsten Rox, 2007-11-13

@Martin Forisch, yes. This is an absolute no-go. In both ways. To make an offer like this. And to communicate this openly in a standard serial email. TZhis is like offering a bribe. This is pretty dumb. I consider this as quite rude. If you want to use your social network as a PR or marketing channel you should do it smarter. This marketing heros EQ is not very different from zero...

Cem Basman, 2007-11-13

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