Now and then: Lotus videos

by Volker Weber

Then: #1 #2
Now: #1 #2


Not really a valid comparison, I think.

Then #1 was a multimillion dollar tv campaign
Now #1 was an internal for fun video that they put on youtube, I have a then #1 video that would be fairer comparison, I'll need to see if I can get it off VHS onto the computer.

Then #2 Well that's a lotusphere, lotus sales meeting intro video.
Now #2 That's a web ad, CD mailer type video, a better comparison would be last years lotusphere intro video.

I like that now #1 exists, as it shows there is at least some passion left with some employees at IBM, and doesn't show the typical apathy I have witnessed of the last few years.

Carl Tyler, 2007-11-23

The fact that "Now #1" exists is both a characteristic of the internet today *and* some independent thinking of employees - both great traits. The fact that "Then #1" and "Then #2" no longer exist is unfortunate - it signals a lack of commitment. I personally felt those advertisements were both good commercials *and* gave huge shot of morale and appreciation in the collective arm of employees and partners.

Glen Salmon, 2007-11-23

I agree with both the comments above, but do admit that Vowe has presented a pretty persuasive case yet again.

Yes, the 1999 R5 launch was a huge worldwide campaign, and had a multi-million dollar budget, and that the financial situation is very different today. However, perhaps to turn the tide another multi-million dollar TV campaign is required?

I'm not in the habit of making the "Lotus marketing s*cks" comments - I think they do a pretty ok job within the limits that are set. Perhaps the limits just need resetting...

Stuart McIntyre, 2007-11-23

@Stuart, agreed.

Carl Tyler, 2007-11-23

Hey! In "now #1", isn't that Mary Beth Raven??? Kewl!

Bob Balaban, 2007-11-23

@Bob - Hmmmmm. It was Mary Beth, wasn't it...and it looked like she had most of the budget money too! Significant? ;-)

Kevin Pettitt, 2007-11-26

That was definitely MBR at about the 1 minute mark. :-) I didn't recognize anyone else other than Dennis Leary.

Charles Robinson, 2007-11-27

Is there anyone else who finds "then #1" at least mildly disgusting or is it just me?

Martin Böhm, 2007-12-03

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