Eric Burke: Simplicity

by Volker Weber


Eric Burke via jcf


What I need to drink my juice: glas
What I need to eat my lunch: fork, knife, plate
And now look at what I need to prepare them: different knifes, juice squeezer, pan, two jars, several spoons, mixer, cooker and many more appliances and tools

Seriously, I'm with you that we all long for simplicity - the simple life. But those who work with company apps are proffesionals who should have their tools at hand. I'm not talking about the common intranet apps like the internal telephone register or the travel billing app - those should be simple an easy to use, for sure. But I can't imagine someone handling an insurance application with a single field and one button.

Simplicity and usability should be an issue for every user interface but this contribution from Eric Burke adds no value to the discussion, it's just clumsy.

Udo Pracht, 2008-03-14

Hi Volker,

have you seen my interface? More simple than others (Google). And more intelligent, in my humble opinion.

Francesco Lentini, 2010-08-31

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