New toy: BlackBerry 9000 "Bold"

by Volker Weber

The new BlackBerry Bold has arrived. And it is stunning. The screen is 480x320 and crystal clear. Here are just a few screenshots to get you started.







To be continued ...


Cool. any updates on provider availability plans for Germany? (especially Vodafone)

Gregory Engels, 2008-08-07

das sieht ja ausgesprochen gut aus. Weisst Du schon, wann Vodafone das in D bringt? Konnte nichts auf der Website finden...

Armin Auth, 2008-08-07

T-Mobile hat ihn schon. Vodafone habe ich angefragt.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-07


Halt uns bitte am Laufenden über deine "Tests" ...

Ich warte nun schon seit zwei Monaten auf das Gerät, hab es quasi "pre-ordered" aber mein Anbieter die Mobilkom Austria hat ihn noch nicht im Angebot ;-(

Thomas Einwaller, 2008-08-07

This is like when they tell you how good the picture is on a TV when you're watching QVC. "Just look at that picture".

If I'm viewing the screenshots on my E90 and they look great this end then...

Ben Rose, 2008-08-07

Looks good Volker, any idea when it's gonna ship to us mere mortals?

Stuart Mcintyre, 2008-08-07

It will be available at Vodafone Germany till the end of august (as the woman from the Vodafone business line told me).

René Winkelmeyer, 2008-08-07

Thomas, Test folgt in c't 19/2008.

Stuart, it's available as of today at T-Mobile Germany. I guess this month for all major carriers.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-07

I spoke to Vodafone UK about this yesterday - their current release date is 1st September. Hopefully my 8310 will last until then!

Ben Rodway, 2008-08-07

@vowe - try TwitterBerry - you asked for it on twitter (cheers tOMPSON)

Thomas Einwaller, 2008-08-07

Thanks, Thomas. I know TwitterBerry. Was hoping for something better.

Volker Weber, 2008-08-07

Amazing device. Try to watch youtube! I also tested one a week ago but crashed it after I run an enterprise activation and a fully unloaded the battery.
How did you do the screen shots?

Joerg Rafflenbeul, 2008-08-07

Connect to a Windows machine. Open cmd.exe. Run this:

c:\path\to\javaloader.exe -usb screenshot filename.bmp

Were you running

Volker Weber, 2008-08-07

Sorry I cannot find any "javaloader.exe" on my Windows machine. Does this come with the installation of the BlackBerry Desktop Software?
I don't know about the release of the Bold sorry (It failed before I could start any documented tests).

Joerg Rafflenbeul, 2008-08-08

How does it compare with the new E71? and the...

Ludwig Deruyck, 2008-08-08

This is a real tease!

Eric Hancock, 2008-08-10

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