PocketMac for BlackBerry 4.1.25 available - syncs with BlackBerry Bold

by Volker Weber


Download from RIM by clicking on the image above. And it does seem to work okay:


And that was the good news. PocketMac still fails to deliver. The first sync was not finished after one hour. It did sync a few contacts but not all of them. And the calendar still seems to be empty.

PocketMac also promises to sync iPhoto and iTunes but tells me the feature is disabled because there is no media card. It does not matter if you select Storage Mode or not. It fails both ways.


thank you.

I really wait for the ability to upgrade the BlackBerry firmware using a mac.

ciao marco

Marco Foellmer, 2008-08-14

Hello there. Not sure if you've figured it out by now, but I was having similar problems with PocketMac's inability to sync with iTunes and iPhoto. After about a half hour of digging on the Internet, I came across this site that allowed PocketMac to recognize that I had a media card installed on my Blackberry 8320.

After configuring my BB to turn my media card on, it worked like a dream. Hope this helps!



Kevin Anthony Jones, 2008-08-15

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