Disappointing battery performance

by Volker Weber


My MacBook is in its third year, and it already has burned through two batteries. Now I am going to need a new one. :-( If anybody has black MacBook batteries, I am all ears. :-) If this is true, I may be eligible for a replacement by Apple:

221 cycles and down to 16% capacity sounds really bad. The first one needed replacement after 265 cycles, and was still much better than this one.

Apple has started building a 17" MacBook Pro, which does not let you swap in a new battery. As with the MacBook Air you will need to bring it into a repair center to have the battery replaced. I have a bad feeling about this.

Update: Just received a call from Apple. They are replacing the battery. It indeed seems to be a really bad one. Excellent service, thank you!



Vielleicht sind diese Kokosnussbatterien doch nicht so das Gelbe vom Ei?

Oswald Prucker, 2009-01-11

Consistency is the worry: my BlackBook has been powered-on for pretty much every day the last two years, with no worries at all, yet I’ve heard plenty of battery woes like yours. Bizarre isn’t it (and no restricted to Macs either: I hear lots of stories about Dells and Sonys especially).

Ben Poole, 2009-01-11

I also have my third battery now (the first two were replace by AppleCare) in my 32 month old Macbook my battery is still fine after 352 cycles.

Current Battery Charge: 5107 mAh
Maximum Battery Charge: 5129 mAh
Current Battery Capacity: 5129 mAh

Maybe a Montagsakku ?
See -> http://www.apple.com/chde/support/macbook_macbookpro/batteryupdate/

Sascha Troll, 2009-01-11

Six MacBook Pro batteries in two years. This time I got two replacements that are NOT made by Sony (according to the OS X System Profiler). We'll see how long they'll last.

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2009-01-11

I am on my second battery. The first one failed within a year, so luckily I got a free, in warranty replacement. Yes, I will not be pleased to replace this one too soon - but I shall download Coconut Battery and check it out.

Jason Kaneshiro, 2009-01-12

We need a standard battery for laptops.

Hanno Zulla, 2009-01-12

Mein Dell X200 ist jetzt seit 6,5 Jahren in Betrieb, davon 4 Jahre im Dauerbetrieb (Büro/Docking, Freizeit, Mobil). Der erste Akku hat nach ca. 3,5 Jahren schlapp gemacht, im Moment zeigt der zweite Akku Schwächen. Mein aktueller Sony SZ läuft seit knapp 2 Jahren unter starker Auslastung als Büro- (Docking) und Mobilrechner, der Akku ist topfit.

Langlebigkeit ist offensichtlich machbar, die Frage scheint also zu sein, welche Priorität der Hersteller auf die Akkuqualität legt.

Wolfgang Miedl, 2009-01-12

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