Downloading all Lotusphere slide decks in one go

by Volker Weber


Karsten Lehmann has compiled instructions on how to download all slide decks in one go. You need to install a Firefox extension and then go here >


Anyone know if IBM are going to make these public at all?

Colin Williams, 2009-01-25

That's a tough one every year. On one hand, it would be beneficial to make them available. On the other hand, IBM needs to keep them as a service to Lotusphere attendees, as part of the package covered by the conference fee.

Volker Weber, 2009-01-25

Valid argument but ultimately my success = IBMs success. So they really should share.

Anywho, I found this..hopefully some of the other presenters will get on board and upload theirs too --

Colin Williams, 2009-01-25

I created that Colin & I will have something more tomorrow in terms of finding presentations and samples from the non-ibm speakers. More to come

john head, 2009-01-26

works great! thanks for sharing

Patrick Kwinten, 2009-01-27

i really don't understand why these slide decks (well, seems like ibm is just providing pdf's) are not public. ibm really should... "keep them as a service to Lotusphere attendees" is not really an argument, because the conference fee - at least imho - is paid for the networking, the presentations, and so on.

Martin Hipfinger, 2009-01-27

This is great info Volker, thanks for posting! I also wanted to alert folks that the Lotus Technical Information and Education team is inviting all Lotusphere presenters to share their info in our Lotus product wikis. And even if your abstract got rejected, we're still interested in the content! :-)

Details here

Joyce Davis
Community and Program Manager, Lotus Technical Information and Education

Joyce Davis, 2010-01-25

Is IBM still runing the Lotusphere Store? We would like to purchase some of these DVDs/Presentations.

Jason Chen, 2010-01-28

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