Sync your smartphone with Google or Plaxo

by Volker Weber

What is NuevaSync?

NuevaSync allows direct, over-the-air, native synchronization of certain smart phones and PDA devices with public PIM, and calendaring services including Google Calendar. NuevaSync does not need any software installed on your device because it uses synchronization protocols that are already built in.

NuevaSync uses Exchange ActiveSync to connect your mobile to public services.

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The issue of course is that in order to do that, NuevaSync needs the login details to all those services and will also have to store the data on their Exchange server that you the connect to.

Other than that, it's really nice. If only I could host that myself...

Frank Koehntopp, 2009-01-31

NuevaSync works great. I use it since I own an iPhone to sync PIM services with my Google Hosted App account. I use it for calendar and contacts - and do eMail with IMAP.

I am still not willing to pay $ for Mobile Me.

Alexander Kluge, 2009-01-31

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