Another Storm ride

by Volker Weber


RIM continues updating the Storm firmware, so it's time for another trial run. I am currently on as supplied by Vodafone Germany. And it is much, much better than anything I have seen so far on the device. I have one weird bug: I cannot go into the screen/keyboard preferences. But other than that, I am liking it. Switching from portrait to landscape is superfast, and I am seeing less issues than before.

I am toying with the idea of updating to the Vodafone image with .148 but am not sure whether that is going to fix the minor issue.

What I am still trying to figure out is how selecting text works. I am still being a bit clumsy when I am not sure whether to just touch or press the screen:


It's also kind of dangerous to use the Storm and any other touch device since you tend to press too hard on the other screens.

Update: One reboot later I was able to access the screen/keyboard preferences panel. I actually provoked the reboot with trying to make the screenshot above. :-)


Hallo Volker.
Verrätst Du mir bitte den Namen der coolen Wetterapplikation auf dem ersten Screenshot ?

Die 141 war gut, allerdings und leider entsperrt jede Taste den BlackBerry, zumindest die 141er Version die ich hatte.

Danke und Gruss aus der Schweiz

Sascha Troll, 2009-06-12

Klar. Das ist Weatherbug.

Volker Weber, 2009-06-12

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