Update on the mobile SlingPlayer

by Volker Weber


I asked Slingmedia for an explanation on the licensing of the mobile SlingPlayer. It turned out to be pretty simple:

Sounds fair to me.


Why do so many vendors insist that the AppStore does not support trial versions? Sure, there's no built-in mechanism but you're always free to build a demo version of your app and give it away for free.

Just limit it to 10 minutes usage in case of the SlingPlayer for example. Would like to see TomTom and Navigon to follow such an example as well.

Michael Sedlaczek, 2009-09-11

You can trust Volker:
- the iPhone player works fine except that it does not work over 3G/EDGE (I guess thank you T-Mobile) I tried to connect using a PPTP VPN - unfortunately no luck there...
- the Slingbox itself --- absolutely boring installation!!!!! ;-) I have never seen such an easy out of the box uneventful installation! No tweaking it’s just working! Great job!

Claude Lehmann, 2009-09-11

I have friends who switched from T-Mobile to O2, because they don't fool around with your connection.

Volker Weber, 2009-09-11

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