Habemus N900

by Volker Weber


After reading about the N900 in this week's FAZ, I was curious to play with the N900 myself. Emailed the Nokia agency, and here it is. Thick as a brick. There is no other smartphone at vowe's magic flying circus as boxy as the N900. Besides the E90 of course.

First impressions:

For you N900 riders out there: what do I install?


There is no other other smartphone at vowe's magic flying circus as boxy as the N900.

Hopefully they will fix that and the battery time with the next hardware revision.

Other than that, I'm still waiting with my purchase for a slight price drop. :-)

Hanno Zulla, 2009-12-11

Try installing Android... ;-)

Mathias Ziolo, 2009-12-11

from what i have read the hermes app is cool you will be able to get the profile pictures of your facebook contacts and merge them with your phone contacts. also Powertwitter is really good for tweeting (I have only tested it on a desktop). Looking forward to your further reviews

Andre Hausberger, 2009-12-11

There aren't too many apps yet, I installed the Load applet, Foreca weather widget, SSH and the IP widget.
The FM radio looks good, but not very impressed with it.

Vince Schuurman, 2009-12-11

If you want more apps you can go in to Extras-testing (which are the beta aps)

Andre Hausberger, 2009-12-11

The IP app is cool. Having problems with the extras-testing, and I want to get the AIM plugin.

Flash in a browser rocks, can play Dicewars on the train now :)

Bryan McDade, 2009-12-12

Did you get this box?

Olav Brinkmann, 2009-12-22

No, nothing as fancy. I also did not get all the accessories that are in the big box.

Volker Weber, 2009-12-22

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