Upcoming Sonos Software Update 3.2

by Volker Weber

Thank you all for sending me links to Engadget's coverage of the upcoming Sonos update. As you can imagine, this has hardly been news to me. I have been running this software for a couple of weeks, but as these things go, I don't write about them before it's time. Let's just say I am not impressed on how Sonos is handling communications around this software update.

This should be of no concern to Sonos customers. They will soon have a new software release, free of charge, that gives their Sonos installation new capabilities. The most obvious one will be that you can pair two S5 players so that one plays only the left channel and the other one the right channel. On all five speakers of course, using all five amplifiers. It's quite an impressive setup and bound to remove the paint from your wall if you crank it up to eleven. Do you remember I told you quite some time ago, you want two S5 players? This is the reason.

Since I have been given the go ahead on the update, but not when it is going to hit (after all, there could still be an unknown bug to delay the update), here is what is going to happen:


After this update you get a new Sonos ZonePlayer setting which will let you join to S5 zones (only S5!) into one zone:


The two S5 players will show up as one zone as indicated above. Notice that "Garden" has disappeared and "Sun Deck" is now showing "L+R" (in the settings only). This setup is extremely easy, and just requires you to select two players and to press one button on the left player so Sonos knows which one is the left channel. You can set this up in seconds and break it up at any time. You can still use the individual line-in ports as if the players were separate.

That's it for today. There are more new features, but since those have not been disclosed by Sonos, I am not going to leak them here.

PS: Sonos kaufen in Deutschland? Bei Thomas. Nein, ich kriege keine Provision. Die geht auf Euch.


Great change. Will be very much appreciated here :-)

Volker, can you say whether the hardware buttons for volume and mute will control both of the paired S5?

Timo Stamm, 2010-05-12

Yes they do. They work as one. You need to use the balance control to make only one louder.

Volker Weber, 2010-05-12

Getting a S5 more this weekend :)

Flemming Riis, 2010-05-12

That's the secret plan. Sell more S5 players. :-)

Volker Weber, 2010-05-12

-That's the secret plan. Sell more S5 players. :-)

its working.

Flemming Riis, 2010-05-12

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