IBM Second-Quarter Earnings are out

by Volker Weber

Revenues from the WebSphere family of software products ... increased 17 percent year over year. Revenues from Information Management software... increased 7 percent. Revenues from Tivoli software ... increased 18 percent, and revenues from Lotus software ... decreased 6 percent. Revenues from Rational software ... increased 1 percent.

Follow this chain for the last quarters.

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Borrowing from basketball, you can't win by playing defense (even though that is important), you have to put the ball in the hoop.

John Rowland, 2010-07-19 23:35

Damn. Well, they didn't blow the money on Marketing, for sure.

And yes. Defence. Not a winning strategy.

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2010-07-19 23:41

Lotus down 6 percent? Despite all those license sales in New Zealand? I blame

Jeff Gilfelt, 2010-07-20 00:26


Volker Weber, 2010-07-20 00:27

as an IBM executive, I can't ever directly comment on earnings or financial performance. I wish I could, as a community you all deserve to understand this number more. But the US SEC has definite ideas about how publicly-traded companies discuss financials.

2010 has been a pretty busy year. Some losses, but some wins. Lotus held its market share vs. Microsoft according to IDC's report just last month. (No, I can't quote those numbers either, since that's IDC's property). The volume of sales activity I've personally participated in so far this year has been more than any of the last three or four years, which includes the time that I was the Notes product sales executive.

I promise that in the weeks ahead, you'll hear about some wins and interesting decisions in the Notes/Domino direction. We'll also launch LotusLive Notes, which takes everything that is goodness about Domino and brings it to the cloud, in a very cool way. And then there's Symphony 3, Project "Concord", Connections 3, more LotusLive stuff, Quickr Domino 8.5, Project "Northstar", and more.

I'll be blunt, I hate having to dance around this. It makes me dizzy. But there is a lot of good happening now too.

Ed Brill, 2010-07-20 04:58

And all that time and effort spent marketing LotusLive... Maybe its time to start focusing on retaining the big in sourced businesses again.

Nick Young, 2010-07-20 13:50

One question I'd be interested in, and I know I probably won't get the real answer, is how that WebSphere revenue is really being reported.

Based on how things are aligned, all Portal sales should be credited under the Lotus column. I'd not be surprised if they're showing up in WebSphere.

Not saying that would fix the 6% but it would still be an interesting look. Either way would be perfectly fine in terms of Software Group. Anything that says WebSphere would go there, regardless of the underlying alignment.

Heck, look at how Power Systems revenue was recognized up till this year. The numbers weren't being placed into the columns they should have been in reality, but they worked just fine legally.

Of course I could be totally and entirely wrong, but I have to question it.

Kevin Mort, 2010-07-20 14:04

Kevin, I believe WebSphere Portal is being credited to WPLC, the internal name for Lotus. So that is already accounted for in the minus 6 %.

Volker Weber, 2010-07-20 14:14

This old saying comes to mind while I watch IBM cannibalize it's license business to follow the "cloud" option.

"Throwing the baby out with the bath water".

Giulio Campobassi, 2010-07-22 02:26

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