Nokia 808 PureView going strong after a month

by Volker Weber

It's been exactly a month since I got my Nokia 808 PureView. Initially I ran it with a secondary SIM, but soon I switched to it as my main phone. I tried to switch away to the Nexus, the iPhone, the Lumia, but I always came back after a few hours. How does that work with all the obvious downsides like an operating system without great third party software, a lousy web browser? The answer is two-fold: first, I also have an iPad which gives me everything I am missing from the 808, and second, this is both a really great phone and an exceptional camera. It will hold a network connection where the iPhone goes to "no connection to the Internet", it sounds great, it shows me the time when it's locked (!) and it's all around pretty and nice to hold.

Eventually, I am going to be unfaithful, but for now, this is it. I shall give it a name. How about EVE?


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