Timeline UP24 Support Case

by Volker Weber

18.09. UP24 dead. Mail to support. Case# 2036494

"Band does not react to button presses. I tried:
- Charging.
- Press and hold button, insert into charger. No lights. (Soft Reset)
- Press ten times, hold on the tenth. No lights. (Hard Reset)"
Screenshot with version numbers and serial attached.

18.09. Automatic reply received.

24.09. Alberto: "Please make sure that you have the latest Firmware installed on your band:"

25.09. Lisa: "Could you tell us what happened when you tried to update your band's firmware?"

25.09. Elizabeth: "Also, I am happy to hear that you have tried a hard reset, but in a case such as yours, with the band not responding, we would need to do a soft reset"

25.09. vowe: "Elizabeth, I have done ALL of this. Multiple times. In my initial mail to support I have stated it. And I give up. No more tests. I am chucking it and use one of the competing devices."

26.09. Charlie: "Our normal warranty terms & conditions require you to return your non-functioning band before receiving a replacement, but I don’t want you to go without your UP24 any longer. I've requested that we ship your replacement first, and you'll receive an e-mail with tracking information as soon as the package leaves our warehouse. ... Your replacement UP24 band will come with a 90 days warranty."

28.09. Derek: "I am sorry to hear that you have had repeated UP issues. I can understand how this could make you lose confidence in our sincerity. Even though I do not personally know every issue you had to deal with, I apologize to you for the inconvenience that you have had to go through. I would like to highlight that we value every one of our customers in the highest degree. We do our best to respect and honor each and every one."

01.10. Jawbone Store: "Vielen Dank, dass Sie bei einkaufen eustore.jawbone.com. Wir möchten Sie gerne darüber informieren, dass Ihre Bestellung versandt wurde."

01.10. GLS Tracking: Inbound & outbound GLS location Ireland Dublin 11

02.10. GLS Tracking: Inbound GLS location United Kingdom

03.10. GLS Tracking: Outbound GLS location United Kingdom

03.10. Jawbone Support: "Please take a moment to complete a survey and give us feedback on your experience with Jawbone Customer Support."

04.10. No tracking updates

05.10. No tracking updates

06.10. Inbound to GLS location sorted as Business-Small Parcel Germany Neuenstein

07.10. Replacement band arrives. Broken band shipped back.

Total roundtrip: 19 days.

Want to look this up, Jawbone? There you go: 2036494


You could not invent such a Story. Oder besser gesagt: sowas könnte man sich nicht ausdenken, so unglaubwürdig klingt das. The unfathomable stupidity or sheer ignorance shown is unbelievable.

Chris frei, 2014-10-04

My experience in France, I got it back to the store where I bought it (with the invoice), and they replaced it instantly with a brand new one.

Same experience for my best friend, and he's replaced it SEVEN times now...

Once I got the brand new one, I sold it the day after...It is not reliable enough

Gaston Annebicque, 2014-10-04

Ach, das kenne ich auch. Habe mittlerweile das 4. normale Up (in 1,5 Jahren). 1x über den Händler getauscht, das hat Wochen gedauert. Dann immer über die Hotline in Deutschland, das ging dann innerhalb von 1-2 Wochen. Eigentlich schade, das die so anfällig sind. Immerhin hast du Tracking, das hatte ich nie, nicht mal eine eMail das es verschickt wurde, kam dann irgendwann an :(

Marc Bender, 2014-10-06

I received one for my birthday (July). It was dead on arrival. I contacted support and they replied within a few hours. After a "soft, then hard reset" steps, they said I needed a replacement.

Luckily it had been bought from the Apple Store and I was able to go in for an immediate replacement.

Google suggests that there is a fairly high rate of failure for this one. My replacement band has not died yet though.

Chris Lindley, 2014-10-06

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