Mail jail for free accounts

by Volker Weber

Send up to 300 emails in a 24 hour period.
Send mail containing up to 100 recipients per email.
Send mail messages up to 10 MB in size or use OneDrive.
Have a mailbox without quota.


Send up to 500 emails in a 24 hour period.
Send mail containing up to 100 recipients per email.
Send mail messages up to 25 MB in size or use Google Drive.
Have a mailbox quota of 15000 MB.


Send up to 25 emails in a 24 hour period.
Send mail containing up to 10 recipients per email.
Send mail messages up to 100 MB in size.
Have a mailbox quota of 500 MB.


Very nice!
It's probably not more possible to demonstrate "turn-of-the-century" corporate thinking vs modern cloud thinking.

Craig Wiseman, 2015-03-12

Oh, it's like the mailbox. :D

Daniel Haferkorn, 2015-03-12

Champions League Business Kaspering.

Joerg Michael, 2015-03-12

Saw this as well and thought - oh well, couldn't be bothered to try Verse then :o) I would have tried it and, if I liked it, might have moved from GMail to Verse. I had assumed (wrongly) that ConnectED attendees would get a version better than the fremium one, one worse - actually, I take that back, maybe the fremium version is worse :o)

Ursus Schneider, 2015-03-12

These parameters can be adjusted once IBM learns that they don't work. I can't help but wonder how they came up with them in the first place. IBM has no experience in Internet scale. Enterprise scale is three orders of magnitude smaller.

Volker Weber, 2015-03-12

I literally did a spit-take when I read the last paragraph.

Amy Blumenfield, 2015-03-12

That deserved a tweet...

Paul Mooney, 2015-03-12

There will not be a Freemium version. The "Preview" version (aka crippled demo version) replaces it, according to an IBMer in the support forum.

Karl-Henry Martinsson, 2015-03-12

Freemium is not a version. It is a strategy to generate business. Quoting Wikipedia:

Freemium is a pricing strategy by which a product or service (typically a digital offering or application such as software, media, games or web services) is provided free of charge, but money (premium) is charged for proprietary features, functionality, or virtual goods.

IBM does not know how to execute this strategy. Listen to Jeff Schick:

Volker Weber, 2015-03-12

Well, it was even Verse in the 90s... ;)

Ingo Seifert, 2015-03-13

It was acceptable in the 80s, though...

Chris Linfoot, 2015-03-13

Thanks for your candid feedback. These limits were put into place to ensure a strong, stable environment as we ramp up, and to protect users and others from spammers. Your feedback is definitely being taken into account as we continue to rapidly iterate the preview environment. Please watch the Verse Preview forum for more specifics in the next week.

Jane Wilson - IBM Verse Offering Manager, 2015-03-14

@Jane: Is the forum up yet? Verse itself seems to still not be up after IBM shut it down to address the issues we were mailed about earlier today.

Karl-Henry Martinsson, 2015-03-14

Geez! IBM Verse is still in beta. Comparing it to and gmail is ridiculous.

That's why we signed up, to be beta users.

I agree that the security breach was incredibly stupid, but at least IBM were hones about it, instead of trying to hide it, like some big companies have done in similar situations.

Hogne B. Pettersen, 2015-03-14

Hogne, not to overstate the obvious, but you can't turn back the clock. There is no bonus for being late. You have to compete with the incumbents.

Volker Weber, 2015-03-15

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