Apple Watch :: Personal Preferences and a word of caution

by Volker Weber


There are two models of the Apple Watch that I particularly like:

  1. Stainless Steel, Milanese Loop
  2. Aluminium, White Sports Band

A 42 mm model 1 buys two 38 mm model 2. The stainless steel watch weighs 50 g, the smaller aluminium watch weighs 27 g. That's a bit of voodoo mathematics, since we are comparing different sizes and different bands. My preferred 42 mm stainless steel weighs 91 g including the loop, and the 42 mm aluminium is only 10 g less since the sports band is heavier than the loop.

Most people will want the bigger model, only petite women with thin wrists will want the smaller one. I recommend to either spend 449 € on the sports watch or 799 € on the steel watch. (Yes, US prices look much better but do not contain 19% tax we have to pay). In both cases you get exactly the same experience. Choosing either one is just a matter of personal taste. I understand there are many more models, but I happen to like exactly those two. The sports band is very comfortable, soft and elastic, the loop is perfect in every respect.


And here is a word of caution. I have not found a single third party app that I would like to use on the watch. The hardware is brilliant and so is the included software. But currently there is no native SDK, so all third party apps suck. They have to. There will be an SDK, and there will be great apps, just like the ones that Apple ships. But just not today.

In contrast to popular opinion, I would not want to wait for a new hardware. I told you about activity tracking, and it simply blows everything else away.


That sounds like a strong like from Vowe. On Editor-refuses-to-give-it-back-level. Wasn't expecting that.

Jens Nullmeyer, 2015-06-03

Oh yes, I do like it very much. Activity tracking is what makes me love it.

Volker Weber, 2015-06-03

I have #1, but in the 38mm size. I'm have exceptionally small hands and wrists for a guy, but this size and this band have given me the only watch I've ever owned that actually fits properly.

Rob McDonagh, 2015-06-04

You describe the combination we run here. Exactly. In flavor and size.
Strong like as well. A collection of neat ideas attractively cased. Well done, Apple!
Additional apps (companions) I use: OmniFocus, Clear, SPON ... for instance.

Jan Lauer, 2015-06-04

Agree on 3rd party apps and on fitness.
I very like the link bracelet and the sport band.
Design and build quality of Watch reminds me of Omega.

Bodo Menke, 2015-06-04

Whatever band you choose for day use, I recommend to use/get the sports band for workouts.

1. It's very easy to clean after sweating
2. The continuous heart rate tracking requires a good connection to the skin.

Just on my last workout I forgot to tighten the sports band one position (in comparison to my day use) and it had a hard time to read my heart rate ... although my normal band use isn't very loose. I assume it's due to the heavier movement. As soon as I tightend it again the heart rate reading was without problems.

The occasional heart rate reading outside of workouts doesn't require the band to be that tight. But I assume that's why Apple changed form every 10 minutes to "only when you don't move your arm" (with 1.0.1) to ensure that even with looser strap use the reading is correct.

Harald Gärttner, 2015-06-04

Has the battery life been a problem for you at all Volker? I seem to remember that being an issue around product launch.

John Lindsay, 2015-06-04

799€ for a great fitness tracker that sucks in every other aspect? Sounds great...

Oliver Leibenguth , 2015-06-04

John, battery life has not been a problem, when you charge it overnight. Usually there is about 40% left in the evening, so there is room for more stuff to do with the watch.

Oliver, why are there no iPhones in your impressive museum? (

Volker Weber, 2015-06-04

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