Why Ello?

by Volker Weber


André asked today:

@vowe couldn’t see any benefits from ello yet. What is the point?

I cannot answer it for you. Much has been written. For me, Ello feels right. No spammers, no abusive data collection, no check-in, no mayors, no games, no "viral". Instead, interesting content. Content I have not seen anywhere else. People who make stuff. All the good features from other networks like comments, likes, real reposts. And last, but certainly not least: really big photos.

Your friends aren't there? Just move in. It's a beautiful place without ads. That's all there is to it. Invite the people you love.

Come with me.


I agree that the large images are great, and what what I've seen, some of the content is persuasive.

However, I just cannot reconcile your description of 'beautiful' with their choice of monospace font.

Stuart McIntyre, 2015-06-24

Hmm. I took a look (I still am), that was your fault :)

Still I am pretty unsure. Yes, ad-free-ness is kind of nice. And more trust to those with who you leave your data, sure.

But maybe I'm just not in the target group? I use social network for news stream filtering. On FB I'm connected with lots of like-minded people. Whenever I find something useful I share it, so do they.

This way I get a stream of potentially-interesting stuff - articles, videos etc. (others may just the same, but probably for more private stuff which I don't share nor read on FB).

On Ello I get a matrix of postings of which I don't even see what they might be about if I don't look very hard. There is no chronological order. There is not enough information to see on first glance whether something might be of interest for me or not.

There's lots of stuff that Ello could do to that others don't - e.g. create a system of sophisticated search options and filtering, so that one can define his own newsstreams from what contacts post or just look for stuff that somebody had posted long ago. I don't see any of this either.

Therefore, in principle nice. But only in principle. So far.

Martin Dietze, 2015-06-24

Stuart, it's what I find beautiful. ;-)

Martin, press the + button.

It's very hard to talk about the benefits of swimming while your trunks are still dry. Get in the water, make friends, play. It is a safe place.

Volker Weber, 2015-06-25

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