Why I am doing this

by Volker Weber



Martin is annoyed because I am posting too much about fitness:

... einerseits bin ich inzwischen beinahe von der Häufigkeit deiner Beiträge zum Thema Fitness genervt, anderseits ...

Martin is probably right and I am going to tone it down a bit. But maybe I should explain why I am doing it. It started with an interest in fitness trackers. And you have to watch geeks testing fitness trackers. They always show step counts in the 4000 to 6000 range. Along the way I discovered how much physical activity improves my life and that made me dial up the frequency of my posts.

If you have always been active, if you are not grossly overweight, if you walk for an hour a day anyway, if you run three times a week, then this is not for you. These postings are for my former self. Couch potato, staring at screens all day long, mostly reading, sometimes writing.

If you get up in the morning, drive your 4WD to the office, sit on your ass almost the whole day, then this is for you. You have no idea how much better your life could be. No idea.

The photos above? That's what I see in the early morning, before breakfast. Walking has improved my physical health and my mental health. In the words of the incomparable Yogi Nora: If I can do it, then you can do it.


I'm enjoying the posts. They've provided some much needed inspiration for my own journey to better health. Some days my activity rings are embarrassingly low but even so, my modest efforts so far see energy levels up and that pair of pants I couldn't quite button up three weeks ago? They fit! :)

Colin Williams, 2015-07-08

PS, it helps to have a beautiful view!

Colin Williams, 2015-07-08

Please keep 'em comings. If somebody doesn't like them it only takes a second to ignore them.

Mariano kamp, 2015-07-08

I'm loving the fitness posts too, and whilst I'm a way behind you in terms of counts and stances, your achievements have been inspiring. Keep 'em coming...

Stuart McIntyre, 2015-07-08

Thank you for your kind words. But you don't need them nearly as much as I do, Stuart.

Volker Weber, 2015-07-08

Please don't tone it down. I'm a long time visitor and your fitness posts are a big inspiration. I have lost 15kg since I startet dieting and walking each day since march, and I intend to keep walking. Thanks :)

Erik Hört, 2015-07-08

It's your blog!

And there's of course stuff you write about that I am not interested in. But it's quite easy to just leave that were it is. So I have no problem with that :-)

Harald Gaerttner, 2015-07-08

+1, all of you. 'nuff said.

Hubert Stettner, 2015-07-08

Erik, congratulations. That should already make a big (sic!) difference. But be careful with the scales. I found out that aiming for weight loss is a trap. You can't lose weight forever and then the motivation goes away. Also, dieting is a temporary measure. If you push the pendulum too far, it's going to come back. Yes, a healthy diet is important. But it has to be one that you enjoy and plan to keep forever. As you build more muscles and your energy level goes up, you will have more tolerance towards your diet.

I have settled to going on the scales once a month. That's enough to see I am still on the right track.

Volker Weber, 2015-07-08

Nonsense! No justification required. Keep posting. Keep walking. Much appreciated!

Ulli Mueller, 2015-07-08

For an aged guy as I am, I found your fitness themed posta truly inspiring.
A kind of " I can do it too".

horia stanescu, 2015-07-08

Please keep these posts coming! They have been an inspiration to me! I've taken your sage advice that you gave me at IBM Connect 2015 and started walking a lot more. I'm still struggling with my food intake, but I'm making progress! YOU are one of the main reasons why! THANK YOU!!! You are still a good mother! ;-)

Ray Bilyk, 2015-07-08

If for every 10 of your posts one person starts doing the same this should be enough to keep them coming.

I thank you for my latest 1400 kilometers and (-10kg in 13 weeks).

Christian Gut, 2015-07-08

Don't stop posting. Don't stop walking. Thanks.
Nevertheless I am far behind ... anyway: CU at the beautiful Oberfeld :)

Stephan Perthes, 2015-07-08

I'm with the majority here. I am enjoying the fitness posts and am on a similar journey as yourself but with further to go. I don't do nearly the amount of walking you do but I am definitely seeing improvements. As with your Sonos posts you are costing me a fortune though, I just bought an Apple Sport Watch last week. :-)

John Lindsay, 2015-07-08

Cool, I like this post :-)

Martin Funk, 2015-07-08

Please go ahead with Your interesting articles about walking. They gave me some more motivation to make walking an important part of my life. Walking helped to overcome the destructive habit of smoking. Concerning the intensity and regularity of walking, I'm still not quite where I want to be, but constantly improving. Weight loss is a subject I couldn't yet detect, nevertheless I feel much better than a year ago - physically and mentally.

Sven Bühler, 2015-07-08

Keep it up, please! Fitness makes our experience of life better in so many ways, and I don't think I can think of a better mission for blogs and social media than making life better for communities.

Richard Schwartz, 2015-07-09

Keep on posting! Your insights have been the catalyst for my own journey. I'm doing roughly just over 10K 9 out of ten days by your motivation and the geek stuff involved. My wife would have never believed that gamification works and enjoys our walks very much.

Jens Reichardt, 2015-07-09

Keep it up please, I like your posts and started myself to get off the couch and go for a walk instead. I think caused by my Apple Watch and your posts ;-)

Stephan Kopp, 2015-07-09

... just to add some more YESes ... same here: keep them coming, those good reads ... you always have this one or the other good point that goes beyond just the fitness thingy.

I had done some fitness and dieting before and have started walking after lunch a few months ago ... almost meditation, kind of ...

And yes, the scale is gone. Not interested in weight... size of the clothes is my measure, and that has gone in the right direction.

My only challenge to this day is travel ... when hotel breakfasts are calling like sirens, and walking along roads in the U.S. is life threatening ...

Stefan Heinz, 2015-07-09

Please keep on posting about the stuff that is important to you. I originally came here for the tech related posts, but I keep coming back because of the fitness related posts and the inspiration they provide.

Moritz Julian Ehlenz, 2015-07-09

I enjoy the posts too - keep posting.

Richard Shergold, 2015-07-10

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