Software to remove before upgrading to Windows 10

by Volker Weber

This is the complete list of software that Lenovo recommends to remove before upgrading to Windows 10:

Absolute Reminder, AccuWeather for Windows 8, Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Amazon Toolbar, Baidu FM, Baidu JP IME, Baidu PCFaster, BestBuy, BIGFLIX, Books Store, BootShield, Business Contact Manager, Camera Man, China weather, Communication Utility, Ctrip Travel, DailyMotion, Dete, Dictionary, Douguo Cook, Dragon Assistant, Dolby Home Theater, eBay Metro, eMusic, Encyclopaedia Britannica, EM8.0, ENEM, Energy Management, Energy Manager, Energy Manager 1.5, Evernote, Experience the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga, ExpressCache, Extent Game Desktop, f Music, Fingerprint Reader, FishingJoy, Go Movie, Google Chrome, Google Toolbar, Hao123 setting, Haozip + PictureKing, Harbor Story II, Hoop Legend, Hot Pepper Gourmet, Idealife, Ifilter, InstantReset, Intel AppUp(R) Center, Intel Fast Flash Standby (iFFS), Intelligent Touchpad 2.0, iQiyi, Jaran Japan, JJ Poker, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kindle, KingSoft anti-virus, Kingsoft Browser, KingSoft Dictionary, Kingsoft KDrive, Kingsoft Office, KNOWHOW APP centre, KNOWHOW Movies, Leader Tech registration, Lenovo Active Protection System(APS), Lenovo AppShop, Lenovo cloud shield (AT), Lenovo Cloud Storage by SugarSync, Lenovo Companion, Lenovo EE Boot Optimizer, Lenovo English, Lenovo Experience Improvement, Lenovo Games, Lenovo MagicShare, Lenovo Motion Control, Lenovo Motion Control 2.0, Lenovo Motion Control 2.5, Lenovo Motion Control 2.6, Lenovo Passport Service, Lenovo safe navigation, Lenovo Paper Display, Lenovo Password Manager, Lenovo Recommends, Lenovo Settings, Lenovo Settings 2, Lenovo Smart Gesture, Lenovo Smart Update, Lenovo Smart Voice, Lenovo Solution Center, Lenovo Support, Lenovo Transition, Lenovo Transition 2.3, Lenovo TV Player, Lenovo Updates, Lenovo Voice Control, Lenovo Welcome, Lenovo WWAN CM, LenovoAppWiz, LenovoCloudShield, Live TV, Lenovo Voice Assistant (iFLYTEK), McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Security Advisor, Media Show, Microsoft Office Suit (2003, 2007, 2010, 2013), Microsoft Security Essentials, Magic Game, Magic Game - Chess, Magic Game - Paint, Magic Transfer, Netflix, Nitro Pro 8, Norton internet security, OneKey Optimizer, OneKey Recovery, OneKey Theater, ooVoo, PC Care, Phone Companion, Phone Companion 2.0, Photo Service (PrintEase), Photo touch, PhotoDirector, Photoservice Desktop "Photoservice Desktop for DE, Photo Show", Picasa, PlayMovie, PointMMO, PokeTalk, Pokki, Power2Go, PowerDirector, PowerDVD, QQ, Quick Start, R.I.C. (Robust Intelligent Companion),, Ruyitao, Security Suite, Shopping Lenovo, Sina weibo, Skype, Smart ShutDown, SMB Portal 2.0, StageLight, SugarSync Manager, SUUMO, SymSlient, Taobao Shopping, TCS Bank, Times Online, Touch Games (Lenovo Tycoon, Lenovo Air Hockey, Lenovo Texas Hold'em, Lenovo Roulette), txtr ebooks, USB Blocker, User Guide Common Tool, VeriFace Pro, Windows Live Essentials, Yahoo Deals, Yahoo! Japan, Yamada Denki, Yoga Camera Man, Yoga Chef, Yoga Picks, Yoga Photo Touch, YouCam, ZCOM Haokan, Zinio

And that is only the Lenovo bloatware.

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That's kind of sad.Especially the amount of software with Lenovo or OneKey in the name.

I just upgraded a Windows 8.1 Pro system that had Google Chrome installed. Everything survived. :)

Daniel Haferkorn, 2015-07-29

Methinks they're being overly cautious. I upgraded my home Yoga Pro, my tablet Yoga and my work Carbon X1 without uninstalling anything & didn't bump into problems. It is interesting, as Daniel mentioned, that they're recommending you uninstall all the Lenovo software. It's not like they weren't aware this was coming or didn't have sufficient time to plan for Win10. That is odd.

Amy Blumenfield, 2015-07-29

Those are all programs that come preinstalled on Lenovo PCs. And the way I see it "Applications that are recommended to be uninstalled before upgrading" should actually read: We couldn't care to test all our bloatware for Windows 10, so you better uninstall it - most people do so anyway.

My old ThinkPad T410 runs Windows 10 just fine, but according to Lenovo running Windows 10 on that machine is "not supported". Which actually reads as: We don't care if it's running Windows 10, it's out of warranty - if you run into problems don't call us.

Max Nierbauer, 2015-07-29

It easier to install a clean Win7 oder 8 and Upgrade to 10, before uninstall all the bloatware ;)

I updated my 2 year old Thinkpad with all the shit on it and it works fine ....

Marc Bender, 2015-07-30

Not true for the Yoga 3 Pro. You have to install quite a lot of drivers to make it work.

Volker Weber, 2015-07-30

Format c:

Felix Binsack, 2015-07-30

Schon mal probiert?

Volker Weber, 2015-07-30

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