exFAT for BlackBerry Priv

by Volker Weber

ZZ1CB3ACE3 ZZ2950A622

SDXC Cards store data in a different format, versus previous generation SD cards. This application lets you unlock the full potential of your SDXC Card for your BlackBerry smartphone. Key Features: - Supports SDXC cards up to 2 TB capacity - Can save files in excess of 4GB in size

Install this app and the BlackBerry Priv can read/write SDXC cards formatted with exFAT.


while entering this page to download the software with my new PRIV in Iran, the error appears for my device is "This item isn't available in your country" :(
is there any solution for this problem?

Amir Yazdani

Amir Yazdani, 2016-07-09

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